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  1. What i dont get is say i bought some songs how am i gonna prove that the mp3's are bought and not downloaded for free ?
  2. perhaps learn to quote properly or just do this for eg also a few grammar courses would help too.. as that quoted line makes no sense SCROLL SCROLL
  3. either a DUAL output with extra lcd output (get converter) or just install another video card(cheapo will do)...
  4. I'd say access command promt, then askin for dir command to view contents of C drive..BAWR...
  5. I know internet won't be any faster, but how about LAN, when im copying a large file to someone on the network can the rest still use 100% of the WAN connection b/c most routers have slow downs when u go onto internet and someone else is using 100% LAN to another computer on the network, here im talking about my Linksys 8port router..
  6. I was wondering what would be faster, a pc (something like a 450mhz) with win2003/2k and 100mbit lan cards or a hardware router like a linksys or d-link.. Tell me what you think
  7. towed your computer ? lol anyway, the only way to change it is to flash your bios with a modified bios that has ur image instead of the mfg one, try search on google.
  8. what if the invidual changes the time?
  9. theres a command in xp that does this, look up on google, its on the official M$ site somewhere..
  10. I was wondering if there are any programs that will backup all files saved to a specific folder, that the computer copies that to a network drive for backup purpose, this is for a computer at my school (I fix things up and keep it all running) they use to do the mornign anouncements, and they cant loose any files saved, the computer does not have raid chipset.. Any suggestions?
  11. a Athlon XP 64bit for sure, but this rig will go for atleast 6-8 more months
  12. I would check all computers if one's not running some network/internet activity thats overloading your router...Also, upgrade all drivers for lan cards and upgrade firmware for router (if you have some decent knowledge of that sort, i take no responsibility) Hope that helps any..
  13. Well, time for new hsf, ive concidered water cooling, but its too much for me..Maybe in the future ill reconcider, anyway, I was looking for a good heatsink to oc' bit more and not too much noise.. My current hsf is a pos TT DragonOrb3, which is about 59db (very loud) and the noise any worth the performance since it dont overclock as far as my old Thunderbird 1.33 did, I was looking at the new TT Silent boost which runs at around 20db and has a new type of fan, a hydro wave bearing fan, and performs 1-2C hotter then a Volcano 11+.. Does anyone have experience or bad things about it? Website (specs): http://www.thermaltake.com/products/heatsi...silentBoost.htm -Thanx
  14. thanks allot dude, was lookin all over for that wallpaper..
  15. wow that helped him allot didnt it, remember not everyone can afford the latest os, and this aint a forum that bashes on windows versions, instead it spose to help people out, as for the error, I suppose you find a win 9x version, and that should work..
  16. Did you guys not read that?? Anywho, i would definitly reccomend the MSI 5600 128 its a great card, but for 30 bucks more you can get the 256mb version which has a more elaborate cooling system. Regardless of the additional software, MSI puts out a very well built and solid card, I highly reccomend them to avid gamers |Drew| bawwrrrr, im blind...
  17. ATi's king, get any of the 9xxx series and you'll be glad u did

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