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  1. Goto my controls on the top of the page and then goto my profile (sumthin like that) and should be there, if u havnt changed it b4 it should be blank and should change after u updated it..
  2. Nice effect on the keyboard, I like it.. change mine once in a while, currently a screenshot of meh burnout @ MC2
  3. Right, just got done creating my script that allows me and someone else to add a portfolio item to site, it allows u to upload pic from hd, then creates thumbnail also for it and makes thumbnail link to original image with a title above it.. it shows fine and everything, only problem is that I would like it to show 4 items across (columns) and then start a new row underneath, and so on.. now it keeps on making new columns or rows for it, and keeps going I can make it go across or down but it keeps going.. so I need it to show just 4 across then start new line, heres my code... <html> <head> <title>Portfolio site</title> </head> <body> <?php // Connect to the database $db = mysql_connect("localhost","****","****"); mysql_select_db ("****"); // Request info from Portfolio table $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM portfolio"); // Start showing results echo "<table border = '0' width = '780' align='center'><tr>"; while ($rows = mysql_fetch_row($result)) // keeps looping till all items from DB are shown { echo "<td>$rows[1]<BR><a href='$rows[2]'><img src=$rows[3]></a></td>"; } echo "</tr></table>"; ?> </body> </html> **** = hidden rows[1] = title rows[2] = original image rows[3] = thumbnail image Script in action: http://www.toe-art.com/QualityCreations/portfolio.php -the TF avater pic looks not right since it got resized b/c it was too small and it then got resized bigger instead.. Thanks for any help/suggestion..
  4. Well, when you goto the options theres all kinds that it should capture, just check all of em and it should do...
  5. Mr. Psychomerc, From what I see you are no use to anyone on this board and even tho you have been banned 2-3 times you still like to push your luck. When will you learn you are not above the rules here or any where else. Hope he gets banned again, for good along with his ip range
  6. theres several apps that'll do it, think one of em is called like HyperSnap or HyperDX, forgot, something like that, then enable it to capture overlay, somewhere in options...
  7. I would just create a seperate account for each user which saves the hassle, but if u insist, you can install em one after another and it'll create the boot menus for u..
  8. Mostly right when I step outa bed I turn it on, then im on it till 2am mostly, and I eat in between in living room not at comp.. lol.. its like this 80% of the time since their aint jack s*** to do out here.. (bahh me needs car) so bout 13-14hrs a day with food time counted off..
  9. What? u mean them Backstreet boys, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and what other gay band songs u had on ur hd? lollll....I cant hack, whats hacking?
  10. Almost all firewalls block that, it can be blocked manually by filtering ports 135-140 and only works when the victim has enabled file sharing on they network..
  11. They are labled on the end of each, check ur mobo manual for which foes on which connector pins..
  12. I'll be buying an LCD also soon, need to make one more site and I can buy meh a $400 one, probably some 17" Samsung, also, its recommended to run it at its naive resolution, meaning the one that it is at either when u first start it or the most that it says on box
  13. Great, another one of the many ugly sig contributios: lol..
  14. It's very hard to determine fakes, you gotta look at things beside the version number, anyone can fake those version numbers, any adobe photshop or maybe even paint can just take a number from the same window and move it beside or over one another.. It's more use to look at other things beside the nubmer like changes that M$ said would come up in next release and arent there...
  15. Welcome Back Micropocalypse !!! Hope ya have a great time bud!
  16. well.. dont be suprised.. after all hes still the always imitaded, never duplicated, .Psychomerc. !
  17. Yup, an amplifier and some speakers hooked up with that will do fine, I'm running 2 3-way speakers atm that are 300w each, blew up my 300w subwoofer, but this still gives me enough bass....
  18. humm maybe even a few drops through the back would help destroy it... that wont be seen when they take it... many many ways of killin a monitor, water is the biggest enemy...

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