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  1. i think that this RedLine tool shows memory spped devided by 2 anyway, i got rid of it, and installed Radclocker insted, it shows that my spped by default is 324/378Mhz Core/Memory (189x2 ) i pushed it to 351/411 with no problems, probably can go for more, but prefer not to... will try 3dmark to see the difference. i checked the mode for the card and its running in ARP mode, dont have more than 4x tho. thanx
  2. a week ago i got myself an ATI 9600 non-pro with 256 Mb of memory. installed it and the card is great. with the card came the Twicking/Overclocking software called Redline. i installed it too, to see what i can do with it, now here is the interesting thing i discovered. according to the specifications the card suppose to run on 325Mhz Core clock and 400Mhz memory clock, but when i go to the overclocking feature of the Redline software i see that it defaults to 324/189 Mhz for Core/Memory. and the most annoying thig is I can push the Core up to 450Mhz, but for the memory it doesnt allow for more than 240Mhz. I mean not the stability of the card, but the actual slider that i can move in the software. Any ideas why is that? I run it on 4x AGP, is that the problem of it? and another question, anyone familiar with this RedLine software? what should i do to get the best perfomance?
  3. RTS here, FPS on second place but very close
  4. C&C Generals you mean? Yep, very good IMO.
  5. C&C Generals, Earth 2150(yeah, i know, its old ) both over LAN. Waiting for Generals expancion to come out next week.
  6. someone is using automatic translator i guess opps :offtopic:
  7. the function exist, and for me its in 'DSL connection'->properties->advanced
  8. you converted it to workstation, but win2k3 is a server OS. you can install Symantec Corporate edition, it works on win2k3. check the win2k3 to worstation guide, it has a list of antivirus software that works with it.
  9. anyone know how do i execute an external program from VS.NET code (VB.NET, C#).
  10. this is really funny (and painfull) The Bulldog there is a link to an uncut movie as well, but its for over 18 only
  11. Properties->Advanced-> thats how it is on my computer...

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