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  1. vcant

    ATI 9600 overclocking

    i think that this RedLine tool shows memory spped devided by 2 anyway, i got rid of it, and installed Radclocker insted, it shows that my spped by default is 324/378Mhz Core/Memory (189x2 ) i pushed it to 351/411 with no problems, probably can go for more, but prefer not to... will try 3dmark to see the difference. i checked the mode for the card and its running in ARP mode, dont have more than 4x tho. thanx
  2. vcant

    ATI 9600 overclocking

    a week ago i got myself an ATI 9600 non-pro with 256 Mb of memory. installed it and the card is great. with the card came the Twicking/Overclocking software called Redline. i installed it too, to see what i can do with it, now here is the interesting thing i discovered. according to the specifications the card suppose to run on 325Mhz Core clock and 400Mhz memory clock, but when i go to the overclocking feature of the Redline software i see that it defaults to 324/189 Mhz for Core/Memory. and the most annoying thig is I can push the Core up to 450Mhz, but for the memory it doesnt allow for more than 240Mhz. I mean not the stability of the card, but the actual slider that i can move in the software. Any ideas why is that? I run it on 4x AGP, is that the problem of it? and another question, anyone familiar with this RedLine software? what should i do to get the best perfomance?
  3. you probably dont have .NET Framework installed
  4. vcant

    Remote Desktop Connection

    what program you using?
  5. vcant

    Favorite Game Style!

    RTS here, FPS on second place but very close
  6. vcant

    What u playing at the moment?

    C&C Generals you mean? Yep, very good IMO.
  7. vcant

    What u playing at the moment?

    C&C Generals, Earth 2150(yeah, i know, its old ) both over LAN. Waiting for Generals expancion to come out next week.
  8. vcant

    Happy b'day Drew

    Happy birthday !!
  9. someone is using automatic translator i guess opps :offtopic:
  10. the function exist, and for me its in 'DSL connection'->properties->advanced
  11. vcant

    Need and anitvirus for 2k3

    you converted it to workstation, but win2k3 is a server OS. you can install Symantec Corporate edition, it works on win2k3. check the win2k3 to worstation guide, it has a list of antivirus software that works with it.
  12. anyone know how do i execute an external program from VS.NET code (VB.NET, C#).
  13. vcant

    The bulldog movie

    this is really funny (and painfull) The Bulldog there is a link to an uncut movie as well, but its for over 18 only
  14. vcant

    W2k3 server & ICS

    Properties->Advanced-> thats how it is on my computer...