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  1. Oh, and btw my cpu is only 31C and gets upto 33C when i play games n s***.
  2. Its nothing like some AMD thing, I got a Slot 1 P2 450mhz. I'm buying a new computer (AMD 1.3GHZ) within the next 2 weeks. But if thats to hot ill mess around with the fans.
  3. I just put my 2 sides of my case back on and now my main board temperature went from 35c to 40c-45c, is 45c to hot???
  4. I have no heat sinks but i got 3 fans pointing at my cpu and a cpu fan on it which keeps it at 29C, highest it ever got was 33C while i play games n s***.
  5. I didnt watch it coz i dont like the football to much...im more into soccer....I watched FearFactor...WEEEE PLayMates...
  6. I heard it like this: WARNING: You have Reached The End Of The Internet... The dude walks to his wife n sits down, then his wife's like u done with the computer? (somethin like that) the dude says: I Finished it... LOL
  7. I'm trying to get my network runnin with 3 XP comps and 1 ME comp, I'm having no problems with the 3 XP computers. I only cant get the ME computer to work right, because i can go from the ME computer to my XP computer but not the other way around (from here to the ME computer). Any ideas to fix this? -ThA_FiLeR
  8. Mine's on 24/7 because i have a ftp server (which is always on tho) and i dl and upload allot of s*** during the nights... I have a p450 slot 1 with one of them **** boxes around it its the best i could get then the time, but it has a problem with heat i have 2 fans pointing to the processor and another one just to keep it cool around then i have 2 more to cool my SCSI hardrive which gets so hot i cant even touch it. And i removed the case off it, well atleast the sides and top, else it gets to hot. No my CPU temp is usually around 36c (100F).
  9. Just made this tight WIN XP startup sound, coz the old one wuz gettn old and boring High Quality Version [1.6MB] /COM1 /ThA_FiLeR's Space/Windows XP Startup sound-new-custom.wav:// Low Quality Version [0.4MB] /COM1 /ThA_FiLeR's Space/Windows XP Startup sound-new-custom-small.wav:// Ejoy!

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