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  1. I simply do this: A) Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox B) Copy the two files and folder, and place them elsewhere. C) When you next re-install Firefox, simply copy the two files and the folder back into C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox. Voila, all your themes, extensions, and custom settings. Even your bookmark. Typically I start out with a clean install of Firefox first, and make changes I need, then do the backup. This method in itself won't install plugins, so you'd need to run those installations seperately. However, it's as easy as writing a batch script to automate the process of copying the files/folders over. I understand the advantages of a simple install package doing it all for you, but I like my method
  2. Unattended Website Additions

    Inform people about the new /integrate:"path:\tofile.exe" switch that most post SP2 hotfixes have (only if downloaded from the download centre, and are the full redistributable patch; not the patches from the Windows Update website).
  3. Oh my! How lovely. Very nice xper Very nice indeed.
  4. 48bit mode unattended

    No it isn't. The 'patch' has been around since before SP1.
  5. delault USERPROFILE

    It may be the correct place, but what about the next time he installs Windows XP? SID Values, such as the one there, are random numbers, and change with each installation. He will need to create a .bat/.cmd script that detects the correct value for him.
  6. delault USERPROFILE

    If I recall correctly, you cannot change %userprofile%.
  7. You will need the prepatched DLL's expanded to a temporary location, and the postpatched DLL's expanded to a different location. Right click them, and check their version numbers/date modified fields.
  8. Buying a router doesn't answer his question though, now does it? Sorry I can't be much more help than the previous two posters, as I happen to use a router myself. However, I can suggest that you may want to try the ISP you're with, and ask them if they have any silent methods of configuring their login software (if you have to use any).
  9. Group policy settings explained

    Wheeee! Nice find. Makes a sweet addition to my collection. You can also use this in tandom with the default security on the Windows CD.
  10. New iPod, what u think?

    Don't forget the longer battery life (12 hours).
  11. Registry Tweaks, Part-1

    Only 922 posts? *coughs* Try 5700+ http://www.atomicmpc.com.au/forums.asp?s=2&c=9&t=3591 This is a forum which I am a member of, and regularly visit. The forums are handcoded. The forum database (at last check) for each forum was just over 150MB, and compressed was approximately 8MB. The forums don't have any of the advanced features of forums such as phpBB, or Invision, but they do the job
  12. DVD completed

  13. SP2 question

    1) No 2) DirectX 9.0c is included with SP2. You will need to install .Net Framework seperately, however, and apply the latest patches/version as necessary.