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  1. mp3 player from that lame fruit company (apple imacs) I wouldnt get one neither, I recently bought a RCA cd mp3 player which holds about 100 songs on 1 cd.. plenty tbh...only cost me $60 from Walmart...
  2. Tip to all on p2p networks: use the name Anonymous, it'll be allot harder to track b/c theres so many of them..
  3. Happy birthday to both you guys, hope ya have many more
  4. Many t-storms around my area lately and I get a power reset 90% of the time so I'm looking for a power backup and I happen to see a 350VA Belkin UPC @ OfficeMax for only $20(after rebate) and today I tested my computer power usage, with a digital meter between computer and power jack it measured 143watts which would be about 263VA and I don't know how much my monitor takes but wouldnt be bothered if I cant connect that since I can turn that right back on.. Anyone know about Belkin or this model? http://catalog.belkin.com/IWCatProductPage...oduct_Id=122997 -Thanx
  5. Here's mine though its almost august..
  6. hope ya get fixed up soon man, we all miss you.. lol
  7. Here's the url, can one of u guys try it if it works? http://www.toe-art.com/fps_ck/index.asp Thanx
  8. Right, so i got meh some asp files that i need to test, so first i copied em on meh server and when i tried to visit em they show as downloads, when i acces em a dl prompt comes up so im like wtf and copy em to my server im paying for (ehostfags) and it does the exact same thing, anyone know why? I let my friend try it on payed server and works but gives bunch of error but alteast it loads so must be sumthin with my IE.. Any suggestions? TIA
  9. Happy birthday man, hope ya have a good one..
  10. well if the host has a file manager that should work, think that uses port 80
  11. they probably locked port 21 so u cant run or use ftp protocol
  12. -hacking IIS servers (full control, run anything you want) used to do this allot but then had to switch ISP coz Time Warner RR was whining bout me sendin packets or some sh*t..
  13. I heard it on news this morning.. they are quite crazy, imho USA should do something bout N Korea having nukes instead of Iraq, since none are still found..
  14. lol.. Anyway, happy birthday man hope its a good un'
  15. Yup all working for me, i didnt try playing that .RAM file since i dont have RP but it came up very fast..
  16. do urself a favor, pay less for same thing... goto local car parts store (like autozone) and look in their radiator catalog.. you can have the same one as u get from w/c companys for about $15 or $20 ..
  17. yer, i know of cisco bein good but never seen one for $2000 :S rather buy meh a linksys or a d-link and buy 20 new ones if it breaks which they dont... lol
  18. Happy birtday Crispy, hope ya have a good one and many more
  19. 60C was my highest when oc'd it happens not allot, its mostly coz we too poor to have A/C on allot.. so allot of the time its 30C in the house
  20. You can use a pci/agp card to be gangsta by hangin it round ur neck and spraying it chrome color, you can pickup the spray cans for bout $5 i think..
  21. I aint know wot the problem is but if it was to happen to me I'd re-install windows and create backup with all ur programs installed, nice tool is Norton Ghost, will set ur backup back in 3-5mins..(dont forget to copy all ur important stuff to 2nd drive/cd-r)
  22. Seems like ur isp is only allowing one ip, you can try this by switching off both computers then start the xp one and it should take the one ip you have.. if thats the case I suggest you buy a Linksys or D-link 4-port router.. they will share you connection on 4 computers or buy a 8port one if u need more comps...
  23. ****, aint I glad I quit reefer, would have really freaked me out...lol -interesting links...

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