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  1. MSFN's newest member

  2. Whats your ISP?

    I got comcast cable, and am very happy with it. Had dsl before, and will never get it again
  3. Toshiba Laptop won't boot

    maybe there are some cmos settings wrong. Try to reset the cmos. Also, does it make any beeps, display anything on the screen?
  4. random system reboot

    Could be the power supply or ram
  5. 256K cluster size--how?

    I think the smallest cluster size supported by windows is 512k with NTFS
  6. MSN Messed Edition

    not really my color style
  7. I would keep that folder. Why would you want to remove it anyways?
  8. To remove dust and dirt

    I'm cleaning my PC about once a month with some compressed air. It works great on the system and cpu fan.
  9. network slooooooooooow

    can it be that the server automatically disconnects the users after a certain ammount of time?? cause thats how it looks like. After some time, I cant access the network drive anymore, nore the server in the "my network" places. If I restart, everything works fine again. If this is tru, how can I disable this feature??' I'm useing server2003 standard edition
  10. network slooooooooooow

    you guys have any recommendations on wich program I should use? perferable freeware
  11. I heard it's between 5 and 20bucks a month,depending how you got your power profiles set
  12. XP installs - not all created equal?

    Are you comparing Microsoft to God? but its true
  13. uxtheme.dl_ hacked !

    sweet s***. I like that
  14. Win XP or Server 2003

    XP is just to slow. I'd rather have an more basic GUI but better performance
  15. network slooooooooooow

    If I restarted the clients, everything worked perfect again, but only for 30mins or so