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  1. Isn't this the same as HyperOS? Given that this method maybe free, the process sounds a bit time consuming compared to HyperOS. I haven't used it since 2005, but I do remember that having installed XP once, I could clone the C: drive and dump it on to a newly created partition via HyperOS and use the cloned copies as one wishes.
  2. You want to be careful about changing the settings, especially if you're working with documents that needs to be shared/distributed to colleagues that do not use Office 2007. Your IT team have installed and set it up in compatability mode for a reason. But, I guess, as long as you are sure you will save in the format that others can open the file with then there's no harm in changing the settings as suggested by cybpsych.
  3. Can someone tell me where the source files are located on the Vista OEM disc? I'm trying to use vlite with my OEM upgrade disc but cant seem to locate the source files.
  4. One single PC installed of XP

    Nitroshift, even if ALL PCs have exactly the same config, it still won't work the way he'll want it to coz each piece of hardware has a unique serial number that will force him to validate the copy of windows each time he plugs the HDD into a different machine.
  5. vLite 0.6 beta - Wiiiiiiii

    If you mean, does Vista upgrade check if your Windows XP is legal, then I could not say. If you mean to purchase Vista upgrade, do you need a valid Windows XP license to make it legal: rather rethorical, but I think the answer would obviously be yes. Fact is that I doubt that many people here have a valid Vista (Beta's and RC's excluded). Legally we might be at fault (or are we does evaluating?), but I for 1 will purchase Vista when it comes available in my language (even though it will cost 40% more than US version ), which makes it morally acceptable for me (not legally). Neither. I have legit copy of XP Pro, and am thinking of upgrading to Vista. Just wondering if I will still need to put in XP CD if I made a vlite disc for Vista Upgrade version.
  6. vLite 0.6 beta - Wiiiiiiii

    This is probably the wrong thread to post in. My query is - would I be able to create a vlite copy of Vista (Upgrade version) and have it install without needing to supply a proof that I have a copy of XP?
  7. Do American PSUs work in Eurpore?

    There should be a notch on the back of the PSU to indicate 110v or 230v. This information is based on the ATX1.0 spec (and prior to 2004). I'm not 100% if the current range of PSUs still have this switch on the back - if it doesn't, then they're probably auto-sensing. You better check on the manufacturer's website on the particular model you are looking for, just to make sure.
  8. Athlon or Intel?

    Fastest in terms of GHz does not equate to fastest in performance, especially in Intel's case. As you may already know, an AMD Athlon 3200+ cpu running at 2GHz outperforms an Intel equivalent which runs at 3.2GHz in most applications. However, Intel does have an advantage when it comes to encoding as they have longer pipelines and a faster BUS.
  9. UK settings.

    Have you tried setting your location/regional time settings to UK GMT +0??
  10. Sorry for putting this here. I'm not sure where to put this to be honest since there are more than one section for members contributed projects for windows unattended installation. I was wondering which of the following would be the better choice for a novice user to use to create their unattended install CD: nLite XPCreate XPlode Windows Installation Helper Utility WPI XPize I'm no good at writing scripts for all those post-install hot fixes etc and so far I've only tried using nLite for the basic creation of a WindowsXP + Service Pack unattended install CD.
  11. Over-looked utilities in XP uncovered

    A number of those apps are already available on the start menu. charmap for one. i usually run most of them through explorer. too lazy to type the commands.. hehe
  12. Hotmail upgraded?

    Australia was actually the latest upgrade area. I believe that they upgraded users who used their accounts the most often. By this I mean like receiving/sending/ checking emails countless times each day. Why I say this is because I opened my hotmail account back in 1996, while my friend got his in 1998 and he got his uprade 2 months before me. I know he leave his outlook express opened, which checks for new emails every 5mins.
  13. Hotmail upgraded?

    Had mine months ago... My friend had his months before me...
  14. That's like OEM software?!
  15. Can you fit everything on to it, that's the first thing you should be considering. From my experience, Win2k takes up quite a lot of disk space. Though, you might be taking some of the stuff out of a standard installation (which I haven't done.)