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  1. lol, drop it on the floor, might as well plug it in, stick it in a tub of water and enjoy the show...then just dry it and it'll look like new and not work... /Not responsible for electricutions, damages of any sort, nothing, so dont blame me.. lol
  2. a dead pixel is some sort of crystal cell, when its dead its basicly b/c it has no voltage on that specif cell, so if somehow u can kill the power flow to one that would to the job, but I think thats impossible since theres so many and I dunno nothing about lcd's if u just wanna break, open it up and check power on on some circuits with one of those meters, then hook up a adjustable power supply and go up from the voltage it reads till the screen goes dead.. I have this in mind also for when im getting my lcd.. buy it, kill it just b4 the warranty expires...
  3. I prefer router also, I havent had a software firewall on meh computer for bout a year now.. never bin hacked besides by me (lol coz i know the passwords required) but now have also have secured that so even I can't hack into it anymore.. I'm starting to edit my Linksys 8-Port Router bios with hex.. might actually make it more secure, I already have it eidted so it redials in 1sec period instead of the 20sec limit that linksys gives u
  4. w00t, just did some more editing, and now even my port 80 closes up automaticly..
  5. I always pay the extra on the mobo's to hook up more hd's... Right now I have 4 physical hd's hooked upto it and 1cd-rom and 1dvd-rom drive. .this, I coulndt have accomplished without raid or addon cards...
  6. ive given up my hopes for that new design.. lol.. I mean, we waited for atleast 6months now.. I could have finished it by now and im slow and dont have all the knowledge for it.. but I coulda found out and made it in 6+ months.. lol
  7. ThA_FiLeR


    Ah, it also doesnt look very obvious that the logo is from the official EA site.. lol..
  8. I will be the first customer I'll be second first.. lol
  9. lol, before that I would try putting in as minimal as possible, just one stick of ram (one ur sure of works), cpu, and hook up power supply, if it gives u a beep then try adding another component like vid-card, then hdd, that way u can determine for sure..
  10. Let's see, $0.10 for cleaning my trackball mouse all the way (include buttons) $1.75 for picking up all the garbage in front of my house at the side of the road $5 for mowing meh big lawn... $5 for fixing the part at the side of my road that I torn up with meh ATV, and the county be complaining about.. $25 refferal fee for someone that purchases a site from me (get money after I got payed) Forgot wot else...
  11. no beep means one of your components is either broken or not hooked up correctly, this can be ram,cpu, cd-rom, or hdd... I don't think the Video-Card can stop the comp from booting since I had a bad vid-card once and it still beeped, but just didnt give me picture, btw the beep means that the power self test has completed and basicly means that all components are powered up and working fine..
  12. I would take USB if you have just one computer with no hub or router hooked up, else if you have a network or more then 1 computer hooked to the internet I would go with Ethernet...
  13. wish there wasnt such thing showing as post counts, it would take care of all attention whores....
  14. Today's Wasted Bandwidth: 41kb lol, sorry, dont really like it, think you spent to much effort, think its mostly the background and the ratio of the car... take out the car and fill in a smooth cradient for bg.. will look allot better...
  15. It shows up fine here, I like it, very nice/clean design
  16. used to be "Stoner" but I've quit so now they call me "Spike"
  17. Oh no, ATi's found the hairdryer fans
  18. Passed it all besides the plug and play thing in port probe..I have no firewall beside my Linksys NAT, and I've disables serveral ports manually ..
  19. lol, sorry was really tired last night when typing that...When I reboot the icons are back to default, so, I apply the icons and they show up fine, then when I reboot and im back into windows the icons are back to default again..
  20. Right, this program Iconpackager aint working right, ive re-installed it many times now and the prob is: each time I reset my comp the logos are back to default, ive tried rebuilding icon cache, making it bigger, it all didnt help, so if theres an alternative that you guys recommend id also be glad to use that but I'd prefer this app since theres many iconpacks available.. Any suggestions? TIA...
  21. NOS? no had turbo on my atv before, s*** cost about $1500, my engine had to get rebored a week after using it so it had to go, it increased HP like crazy, could peal out in 3 or 4th gear easily.. now it only peals out in 1st and 2nd :/ I'm not sure what the max speed was with the kit, I'd say about 90 or 100mph, but w/o it (as is right now) it only goes 70mph spose its better then nothing, though I enjoy running from the cops down sand roads hmm, I really need to get a car though I only got the learners permit coz last year I aint have my social security# and didnt no where to get it (i r foreign.. lol) so I forgot bout it and this year when I turned 16 I went and got my learners permit.. pretty boring ridin with someone beside ya...
  22. Drove a CBR600F4i which scared the crap out of me when hitting top speed, 150MPH, had my atv helmet on that has open space in front of ur eyes and I aint have goggles.. eyes started getting all watery.. lol.. I am buying me a bike as soon as I have the money for it... pic of a Honda CBR600F4i:
  23. You can't they've recently disabled it, probably due to the overload of n00bs arriving.. lol

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