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  1. I happend to be messing with my tv card today, you should hook your sound upto the line in on your sound card and be sure mute is off under windows sound options... I've been experimenting trying to record, so far this is the highest quality on my pos card... (thats die another day, yes) Anyone think itll get any better then this?
  2. yes, it doesnt matter if its on a different harddrive.. so should work fine, i would recommened installint win2k first, then xp and win2k3, since xp and win2k3 are newest and will detect win2k and make the boot menu for u..
  3. dont make so many duplicate topics, u f***in n00b
  4. buy power backups, had same problem..even my ethernet card acted weird..
  5. was also just watching news.. i dont get what the deals is for people to be walking across the highway though.. lol.. wonder if the stop lights still work..
  6. face? i didnt see any face.. lol welcome to teh forums anyway, enjoy ur stay...
  7. i would if the file wasn't so big ah you on 56k then?
  8. upload it to MSFN site and make it a "MSFN special" !
  9. nothing's free in this world.. go with emaxhosting.com.. $3.95 a month.. get a job, beg for money, or save ur lunch money if ur still a kid...
  10. He lives an hour drive away from me, (around orlando i thought) but I don't have a car yet and am still on learner permit
  11. I can probably help ya out, I work at low prices and deliver quality work, bin designing/coding for about 3years now..here are some works I done: http://www.quality-creations.com (my site, almost done, only comments not done yet and not all portfolio is there) http://www.surfsan.com (this is also almost done and features a easy admin script for realtors to post/delete listings, im waiting for the password atm to get the sql database running) http://www.gomieke.com (another realtor site I've done recently which is 100% complete) http://www.fpsckicup.com (clan gaming site which was done recently, sponsoring their site) -Xperties's site is almost done, ill post this later... Hope your interested, let me know..
  12. I have owned both linksys and d-link routers and for beginners a 8 or 4 port router will please you very much, its very easy to setup and maintain.. D-link seems to be more advanced, has way more options to set and more possibilities.. in your case I would go for a linksys..not to mention they are at a good/cheap price..if you are looking for wireless, go with D-link, linksys wireless router i bought was garbage.. no range wotsoever..
  13. oh well, im idling atm.. hoping for someone to join.. lol
  14. umm, i think the idea of the chan was great, but no ones ever there when i go.. i know most MSFN users have it, but maybe its not advertised well, my suggestion would be, maybe add a link to the front page left side menu? so when u click it, it joins the proper network and then the chan?
  15. Happy birthday Tris! Enjoy it man..

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