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  1. Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, the link https://easyupload.io/w0hg8v does not work any more. The "list index out of bounds (3)" occurs if the infex.ini is malformed. Execute infex.exe to see if there are any errors (works also within Windows 10, but don't install anything) .
  2. If your concern is about space and you don't want to mess around with "iexpress", you could also follow a more pragmatic approach: unzip the U98SESP3.EXE remove components you don't want physically (e.g. "fonts.cab" and "dx9c.cab" as they require the most space) also remove the corresponding entries from the "infex.ini" file (so they don't appear as install option any more) create a new executable ZIP file (with e.g. Winrar 32bit) with a SFX option, that would call the "infex.exe" upon file extraction (you will create your own installer this way)
  3. Creating the installer package is pretty stright forward, you just need the files from the original and create your own package with "iexpress.exe": http://www.mdgx.com/INF_web/index.htm The installer will call the "infex.exe" file during unpacking the installation files and display the options that are entered in "infex.ini". Each option triggers then one of the .inf files that reside inside the package, e.g. SPUPDATE.INF or ZIPFLDR.INF ans so on...
  4. I would like to announce the German version of the unofficial Windows 98 SE SP Version 3.x based on PROBLEMCHYLD outstanding work. It's currently in beta state and lookingfor beta testers. It does not include all features of its English predecessor (yet?), however some more Win ME files were interspersed where appropriate. Its focus is also more on retro/games, thus spider solitaire and space cadet were also included, as well as Tihiy's "IPtest - network inducator" tool. If you run a German Windows 98 SE and would like to have a look, please feel free to download it at (changelog from v3.0 to 3.1 beta included): https://www.creopard.de/download/detail/sesp31_de_beta/12.htm Feedback welcome!
  5. Very helpfull, indeed. Currently, there are only PE files with zero headers left
  6. Obviously I chose the way "learning by doing" - I was not yet familiar to linear executables and new executables... But thanks for pointing at the right direction. I was assuming that "PEChecksum" would have a look at offset 80h and check for "PE" before calculating a new checksum. Would it also make senseo to correct the checksum of NE and LE executables?
  7. I'm patching them because I'm currently updating the outdated German "Windows 98 SE SP 3.0 beta4" to a new/fully tested version 3.1. As you can imagine this requires replacing/editing quite some files with the German equivalents... Based on PROBLEMCHYLD's "U98SESP3" Pack, I'm recreating the German version, hence the question about the checksums. Here is the list of files that had the checksum updated: However I didn't narrow the list down yet to specific files, that might provoke the protection error...
  8. I guess it's not a good idea to fix the checksums of .vxd files? After fixing all files with "PEChecksum" (from n7Epsilon) Windows 98 prompts me with a "protection error" "while initializing device CONFIGMS".
  9. I've seen in various threads that users modding/hacking Windows 9x files recalculate the PE header checksums of the modded file. What's the purpose of that?
  10. The wpi.net WEbsite is pretty dead / full of scam. Whoever want to have a look at the WPI Tool, have the only archived file from here: https://web.archive.org/web/20110501183832/http://www.wpiw.net/Downloads/WPI_Classic_v2.2.rar
  11. Wow, the IPTest Tool for Win9x is really cool!
  12. Would you also share your German 3.80 version of Winrar?
  13. Here's a complete guide! https://www.philscomputerlab.com/windows-98-unattended-installation.html
  14. I tried Retrozilla 2.2, but infortunately it has issues with TLS 1.2 (TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES) and can't connect to these websites...
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