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  1. @DungCS: Link is not working (for me). Please check and provide a new one. THX
  2. Fixed, new and updated links: Vivaldi 1.1.453.59 Stable [Apr. 2016] Based on Chromium 50. Download here. Yandex Browser v17.4.1.1026 [Mar. 2017] Based on Chromium 57. Download here and rename .arc to .exe ... New Moon and Serpent by roytam1 Download unofficial installer by fellow MSFN member i430VX here. Mozilla Firefox 52.9.1 Extended Support Release (ESR) [Sep. 2018] Download from Mozilla here (WIN32 / WIN64) Use these language files ... Download from Mozilla here (WIN32 / WIN64) Use this extension to re-enable all signed extensions and themes ... Download from Mozilla here. Set xpinstall.signatures.required to false (in about:config) to enable unsigned extensions.
  3. Vivaldi 1.1.443.3 Developer [Apr. 2016] Based on Chromium 49. Download here.

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