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  1. After a long time I found the fix. Using IMAGING.dll and SHIMGVW.dll from Windows Me works perfectly, with the benefit of having slideshow capability.
  2. Yes eXeScope works only problem is that sysdm has a lot of strings :(. Visual C++ 6.0 allows for copy paste, thus finishing the translation job in under 2 min :). But the strings mentioned are not present in any resource editor I have tried, not even Visual C++ which does a great job for 99% of the strings. Only fix is a hex edit.
  3. The problem is fixed. If the German version of SYSDM.CPL is used the space is large enough.
  4. I was tying to translate SYSDM.CPL version 4.90.3002 from English to Dutch, but ran into a problem. The rightclick context menu in device manager is uneditable with VSC++ version 6. However I found that when looking for the strings in a hex editor that there exits a group of strings that correspond to the rightclick context menu. Now for the problem, the Dutch strings are larger in amount of charaters than the English ones (see photo's) so when copied form the Dutch unpatched version, the file basically gets corrupted. Does anyone know how to make the space bigger to accommodate the extra length of the Dutch strings? The English strings: and Dutch strings: SYSDM_3002.CPL
  5. Yes indeed I agree, I was busy at that moment so I didnt start a vm to look it up. But yes that is the version.
  6. I believe that I am using the ME version of WEBVW.dll, if I recall correctly I have version 5.50..... which should be ME's (it comes from 98SE2ME). I have custom translated and fixed quite some bugs of 98SE2ME so it might be possible that I have introduced one somewhere. I also want to make changes to the HTT scripts for some better localization in my opinion and do not really want to dive in the resource editor to make the changes happen inside WEBVW.dll . I am experimenting inside a VM so any breaks are quickly fixed or rolled back, once more final I will try it on actual hardware to see if it still plays nice with the other script.
  7. I think I have fixed it by replacing standard.htt fro ME in the web directory of 98 and then delete the desktop.ini file, then automatically the ME's template file is loaded which fixes the issue. By doing so it breaks printers.htt but this can be fixed by replacing the default with ME's printers.htt. And from current testing this works without any script errors. And ofcourse the imgview.htt from ME needs to be replaced in 98 otherwise it doens't work at all. Only thing left to do is script it in 98SE2ME and then it should be done.
  8. It works very nice, but after some more experimentation if found an script error. If I were to change the way the folder looks from the image preview to the "standard" folder option I get a script error in folder settings\folder.htt The error can be removed by editing the desktop.ini file inside the folder and change PersistMoniker=file://Folder Settings\Folder.htt to PersistMoniker=file:\\%webdir%\Folder.htt. Is this something that can be fixed or is it way to complicated and should I just never change from the preview format?
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, copying IMAGING.dll from Windows Me to 98se fixed the issue! Now SHIMGVW.DLL 's preview is working perfectly.
  10. In Windows Me you have a preview of the pictures in the explorer windows, where you can zoom in/out etc. The file that is responsible for that is shimgvw.dll, and would be nice to have in 98SE in my opinion . I also do not have any errors with 98SE2ME or RP7, although I havent tried the latter with KernelEx. Yeah from older form posts here on MSFN I found that 98SE2ME used to include the copying of shimgvw.dll (can still be seen in the o3.bat) but was later disabled due to it not working right, so by default it is not copyied to the system folder.
  11. I recently started messing about Windows 98 SE again with RP7 aan 98SE2ME. I read in older form posts that shimgvw.dll from Windows Me could be transferred to 98, but from my understanding with mixed results. So my question is, is it possible to get shimgvw.dll from Windows Me working in 98SE? I have tried RP7 in combination with 98SE2ME but with no luck sadly.
  12. Oh oke, I didn't realize that, that must explain the weird file vanishing then. Is there any way to fix that potentially or not, since 2410 has a bit more functionality then the original Windows 2000 version? Yes I have BWC's kernel extensions V30E installed. I had just installed vanilla Windows 2000 + SP4 and here the problem is not present anymore, if I click on the fullscreen button in the lefthand windows it works (I dont have the option to set it in the right click context menu).
  13. Hello everyone here on MSFN. I was doing some Win2k exploring and I stumbled upon a issue. When a photo is viewed with the built in Shell Image Viewer I receive an error about a function not found in shimgvw.dll, "ImageView_Fullscreen". I did some research into the problem but wasn't able to find a good solution on how to solve it. A form post on BlackWingCat's website said that shimgvw.dll from Windows Whistler 2410 works on Win2k, and I can confirm that it is indeed working, but has some problems regarding deleting files (if one selects a file to view and then overwrite it, the file vanishes). Maybe someone has an idea on how to copy the function "ImageView_Fullscreen" (or maybe other functions aswell) from the beta 2410 version to the default Win2k version (the function in 2410 exists in the export table). Please excuse me if there are any spelling errors, English is not my main language

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