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    umm...didn't say i was complaining....did i?
  2. net_user

    Firefox Ad

    hmmm....i posted this weeks ago....link
  3. TCPMP download page it plays wav files...mp3's...avi..all kinds of audio stuff... i like it better than the built in windows media player...
  4. nevermind...problem solved. btw...I am adding this message from my mobilephone/pda
  5. how do i play a wav file on my pocket pc? os is windows mobile 5.0
  6. next we throw in some detergent...that keeps it clean.
  7. i hide a table (right clicking\properties\ and check "hidden" next to attributes) how do i "unhide" the table? thanks... nevermind...i found it... topic closed
  8. right click on desktop arrange icons by\make sure "Show Desktop Icons" is checked
  9. i was looking at the perfmon utility in windows....and i don't think it has what i am looking for...(unless i missed it) basically....i want to see the % of read/wrights to a file say...bytes/sec or mb/sec any clues?
  10. del file.txt /S Delete specified files from all subdirectories del file.txt /q Quiet mode, do not ask if ok to delete on global wildcard or just do a del /? from the command prompt and it will display the help you need.
  11. sorry for double posting...and sorry for the misspell...
  12. %windir%\System32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation
  13. my rating is a 3.7 i wonder how high the ratings go....
  14. check out Installation Designer v8.2 from the mcafee site... link enter your grant number (which you should have cause you have 100+ pc, if not then you are in violation of licening) good luck!!
  15. um...computername, adding users, joining a domain, ... during the install... paradoxz28- did you even read my first post... i'm was asking about a unattend install guide for vista mmarable- i think you are right...have to wait for the final version... god i am glad i have ms enterprise agreement ... can't wait to get the final release of vista
  16. anyone know if or how soon a guide for installing vista unattended? just like http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/
  17. running vista rc1 build 5600 ultimate edition.... local admin... can't access some folders in my %userprofile% looks like it's a shortcut... i dunno... folders are... application data cookies local settings start menu ect.... any help would be great....
  18. crusin the cnn.com site...and found this.....link
  19. i've already tried all that.....thanks for the reply though...
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