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  1. you should of posted your info in the orgianl topic, not create a new topic...
  2. here is a little trick i do to create a image and restore.. when i clean install xp on my computer i create 2 partions, i use 80% for my os after i install updates, drivers, ect..i go to disk management, create a new partion but without the drive letter...then using ghost i do a partion to a image file storing the image on the 2nd partion. i have a 2nd hard drive for my docs, music, software ect.... if i feel like reloading my operating system or if i get a virus.....i just retore my ghosted image that is stored on the 2nd partion to the first...
  3. phillyman2004 - thats a cool screenshot you made of your program...nice gui interface, clean and simple, even for noobies.
  4. sure they could share the same profile/logon it could only be done with one logon though...lol
  5. atomizer is right...you need to unplug any physical disks you have. also...are you doing a upgrade or clean install? if you do only have one disk...and it is a clean install...just fdisk the disk but do not create any partitions...let xp do all of it for you during the install... don't get frustrated about your mistakes...it's trial and error
  6. you need to read this guide. http://unattended.msfn.org/
  7. here is what i've done so far...and this does not work... changed boot.ini (windows to winnt) i exported my registry, replaced all "windows" with "winnt" imported the reg file got a error message that stated "could not import some keys due to process in use" rebooted with cd into recovery console renamed windows to winnt rebooted i get the splash screen and thats all....(see attachment) i still do not recommed however you do it..windows to winnt it needs to be done during the base install of the os
  8. thought i would share this bit of info... we all know that using the xp cd and booting to the recovery console requires the admin logon..ect...and that you can not browse the "documents and settings" with that in mind... on my xp machine i booted with the 2k cd and went to the recovery console... it did not ask for my local admin, and i was able to browse the "documents and settings"
  9. what about using ghost to make a image of the efs drive. then use ghost explorer to recover the data that way.
  10. i was curious about this..so i tested on my virtual pc. i edited the boot.ini file while the os was running. (windows to winnt) and renaming windows to winnt in the recovery console. this is the message i got trying to boot the os windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: <windows root>\system32\hal.dll Please re-install a copy of the above file. so if you wannt it to be "winnt" then you need to call that in your winn.sif during install.
  11. look at the security tab in C:\WINDOWS\system32\taskmgr.exe see if you have permissions. administrators= full control,modify,read & execute,read,write power users=read & execute,read system=full control,modify,read & execute,read,write users=read & execute,read
  12. netsh firewall set service type=FILEANDPRINT mode=ENABLE scope=ALL profile=DOMAIN
  13. try this to renameing a file. from there you can copy to where every you want to. rename "c:\Take MasterTracker.xls" %Date:~-10,2%_%Date:~-7,2%_%Date:~-4,4%.xls
  14. after i install windows, i change my folder view. i open up my computer i choose "view status bar" then choose "view icons" then i go to tools\folder options i choose "windows classic folders" then i go to the view tab and check everything under files and folders i check show hidden files and folders then i uncheck show file extensions. then i click on "apply to all folders" can this be done durning setup? and how? thanks
  15. Standard view vs extended view in MMC under Services Start\run\mmc File\open drill down to c:\windows\system32\compmgmt.msc Expand Services and Applications\Services Click on the Standard tab at the bottom On the left side click on Computer Management (Local) File\Save The default view in now Standard in the Services tab.
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