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  1. i have a computer (called pcadmin), that can not ping a server for some reason. the server can be pinged and accessed by the other computers on the lan pcadmin can ping all other servers, computers and get out on the internet with no issues. the host file is clean, and i checked the arp table, and it's clean any ideas?
  2. thanks, thats just want i needed. now my next question is, how to remove 2 lines at the beginning of a text file? the 2 lines are....... Server Name Remark -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. i have a text file called pclist.txt on the root of my c: drive the contents of the file is \\pc1 \\pc2 \\pc3 i also have uptime.exe in my system32 directory how do i get this to work..... FOR /F IN c:\pclist.txt DO uptime
  4. i can start at any time during the day, and let wireshark run for a few min, and see random computers on the network with the dhcp discovery packets being broadcast out ever so often. i can see the mac address in the packet, and trace it to the computer. I've even actually went to the computer and looked at the settings. nothing is set to dhcp just stumped on this. edit* forgot to mention all computers are xp pro sp3
  5. hope this is in the right section. i'm using wireshark to analyze my network performance. i'm seeing some dhcp discover packets being sent out, from multiple mac address's all computers on the network have a static ip address, with static dns settings. i've looked at the packets and see that they are being sent out by my computers. (no new or unauthorized devices) any clue why a pc with static ip settings would send out a dhcp dicovery? thanks
  6. i have a schedule task on multiple computers, the task has the same name, credentials, and executes the same batch file. i use this task, (which calls the batch file) to silently install software updates, update host files, ect ect each time i want to run this task, i browse to the computer on the network, go to the schedule task, and run it. all works well but when you have over 200+ to do, it's getting to be a little time consuming. is there a way to execute the task remotely without having to browse to the computer?
  7. i need to check remote computers here at work to see if the sp3 for office2003 is installed. anyone have any ideas how to do this checking?
  8. you might have a virus....try booting to a live cd and do a scan of the hd
  9. use the xcopy command xcopy c:\structure c:\structure_empty /t /e /i
  10. are you implying that freeavg is going downhill?
  11. i wonder if i can run this along with my free avg?
  12. how do i lock down internet explorer so that when a user is done surfing the net, and he closes the browser, all info (history,cookies,cache) is delete?
  13. on our network all users have outlook 2003, we are about to upgrade 3/4 of our computers to office 2007 can a user that uses outlook 2007 share their calender with someone that uses outlook 2003? this is in an exchange environment
  14. unfortunately i don't have all the install disks for the computers, (just started this job) so i would need to run a utility on the "old" machine that backs up the printer drivers, then when i give them the new pc, i can use the same utility to restore the drivers.
  15. i've already tried that utility, and yes it does backup everything, which i do not want. i'm looking to backup only "certain" printer drivers
  16. I'm getting ready to roll out 200+ computers, and i was wondering how to backup the printer drivers on a xp machine. I don't want to backup all the printer drivers, i would like to be able to select the printer drivers that are installed on the computer. any advice would be nice
  17. if your dealing with a domain account then type this in... net localgroup administrators /add domain\user that will add a domain user to the local admin group of a computer
  18. can this be done with all versions of win7? ie..home..pro..ultimate
  19. I have a htm file that i have to update daily for a website. The contents are in a table, so every day i insert a new row into the table type in some text, and hyperlink it to a file. I have to highlight the text, and change the font to arial size 12 is there anyway in microsoft expression i can set the default font and size? or in the webpage? thanks in advance
  20. net_user


    sweet..thanks for the quick reply!
  21. net_user


    does win7 have the "mountvol" in the command line?
  22. are they in the same workgroup?
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