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  1. looking to buy a software package, helpdesk software, would like the software to be able to do some type of asset inventory ect ect like altiris, spiceworks. any ideas?
  2. why not just right click on a picture in explorer and choose set as wallpaper?
  3. net_user

    sch tasks

    i'm aware how to do it that way, was just wanting to get to the sch tasks through network neighborhood
  4. net_user

    sch tasks

    in windows xp, i could browse the network neighborhood, double click on an xp computer in the domain, and see the printers and sch tasks then i could go into either one and do what i wanted to do in win7 the sch tasks do not show up like in xp am i just S.O.L.?
  5. im trying to find some info on 1262/tcp QNTS-ORB i've googled, yet have not found out what qnts-orb is any clues?
  6. check out this program called "core sftp" http://www.coreftp.com/server/index.html there is no install, just download, launch, run really simple to use.
  7. how would i make it out put in an example like this May 11, 2011
  8. i have a batch file that echos the date into a txt file echo %date% > c:\file.txt i get this "Wed 05/11/2011" how do i make the code just output "05/11/2011"
  9. i would like to change my icon for the pc under Devices and Printers it just shows a generic pc, and would like to change it to the dell optiplex computer icon i've googled and googled, but has anyone had any luck with this?
  10. i have a different models of switchs on my lan/wan , cisco,hp,nortel ect ect is there any recommendations, (free) for some topology mapping software? something like the Cisco Network Assistant software that can connect to cisco switches through the snmp commuities or something like that.
  11. i've already looked at that, i'm not implementing that. i only see my username which i can click on to logon. i do not see the other local accounts where i can click on at the startup screen.
  12. using win7 32bit have not hacked it or anything, all is legit and patched in workgroup not in domain i have 3 accounts on this computer, mine, kids, and 1 for when people come over if they want to get on the net i used to be able to just click on the pic/name at windows logon and it would just log me in now i have the classic logon screen where you have to type in the user name , ect ect any clues?
  13. i have a device on my network, with an ip of it is a linkys router i can ping it just fine. how would i go about finding out where on my network this is located. keep in mind, i have multiple buildings, with multiple switches involved in my network
  14. i have several computers that are going into standby mode, even though they are not supposed to. i double checked the power options applet in the control panel, and the system standby is set to Never is there a way to totally disable standby mode? not just per user, but system wide on a computer?
  15. you could also delete all the wav file in "C:\WINDOWS\Media\Windows XP Logon Sound.wav"
  16. just my computer nothing in the registry killeen
  17. Have you checked the logon script with your Sys Admin ? i have double checked the logon scripts....i am the sysadmin.
  18. i have a printer that is being added to my computer during my logon to the domain. the printer share is no longer good, and i wish to stop this process. i've check all the usual places for a script to add the printer, domain gp,local gp,start up folder,schedule tasks, i've used ccleaner to also check startup items, and autoruns from sysinternals any clues?
  19. i've tried that not long ago..didn't have to many stencils in there for networking stuff.
  20. i need to create a diagram of our network, i've used visio in the past to do this, but it's so expensive. i'm looking for something along the lines of freeware. any suggestions?
  21. i failed to mention, that i changed the ip address on this pc, and troubleshooted it to the dns server. problem solved
  22. yes it can browse the computers in the domain and access shares.
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