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  1. i got what i wanted in just one line it gives me the computer name and java ver wmic /output:c:\report.csv product where "name like 'java%'" get description /format:csv
  2. i'm trying to query my computer with multiple ... "searches"? my first line is working, wmic product where "name like 'java%'" get description i also want to run this at the same time wmic os get csname so basically when i run the code, i'll get the computer name and java version at the same time, (it doesn't need to be formatted like that, but something close) once i get it working, i can use the /node and run this against my entire network CSName Description PC1 Java8 Update 111 any clues?
  3. it works perfect for me....it all depends on your situation really how good is your vpn..ect ect...do you get any dropoffs? how often do you need to check? dude...you said your a I.T. Exec ask yourself those questions and program and create to your needs
  4. once you have the emailing part down, now you create the batch file/programming, how ever you want....to ping your stuff when it gets a failed pinging...have it call the batch file..with the cscrpits commands in it.
  5. the vbs script contains all the configurations to logon to a gmail account, you create a batch file that calls the vbs script , with a certian subject line and attach a txt file, (mail server is down in newyork) here is a batch file.... cscript c:\sendemail.vbs 1234567890@txt.att.net "" "mailserver is down"
  6. you have to do this in steps. first step...google vbs email script, there is a vbs script out there that can log you on to your gmail and send emails...even to cell numbers start with that first edit**** once you have the vbs script configured...you have to call it from the command line via cscript
  7. what i mean is, it's one thing to make some cool batch file that does all the reporting. it's another to create a batch file that runs all the time, and emails you when a site is down.
  8. your off to a great start, but when you throw in some emailing scripts, to let you know when a site is down, then you will have stepped up your game in coding
  9. i have a script i use, the scripting language is autoit, (google it) anyway...here is my code ShellExecute("C:\Windows\System32\inetcpl.cpl") sleep(1000) Send("{ALTDOWN}d{ALTUP}") sleep(2000) ;sets the preserve favorites website data ControlCommand("Delete Browsing History", "", "[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:1]", "check") ;sets the temporary internet files ControlCommand("Delete Browsing History", "", "[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:2]", "check") ;sets the cookies ControlCommand("Delete Browsing History", "", "[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:3]", "check") ;sets the history ControlCommand("Delete Browsing Hi
  10. you can use opendns on the router level
  11. crap i was affraid of that, i'll just force a log off
  12. i'm using psexec to attach to a network pc, and run this command net localgroup administrators /add "domain\domain users" this work great, but then the user has to logoff for the admin rights to "show up" is there a command i can run without having to logoff and log back on?
  13. create a batch file with this code md 00501\results md 00502\results md 00503\results md 00504\results md 00505\results md 00506\results md 00507\results md 00508\results md 00509\results md 00510\results md 00511\results md 00512\results md 00513\results md 00514\results md 00515\results md 00516\results md 00517\results md 00518\results md 00519\results md 00520\results md 00521\results md 00522\results md 00523\results md 00524\results md 00525\results md 00526\results md 00527\results md 00528\results md 00529\results md 00530\results md 00531\results md 00532\results md 00533\results md
  14. im close, but not there yet in trying to get this code to work. i'm trying to get all attachments in every folder to a folder on my hard drive. would like it to search subfolders of inbox along with folders that could have been created along side with the inbox, sent ect ect here is my code so far Sub Getatth() Set MAPI = Outlook.GetNamespace("MAPI") Set TopFolder = MAPI.Folders.Item("Mailbox - John Doe") Set InboxFolder = TopFolder.Folders.Item("Inbox") For Each myItem In InboxFolder.Items For Each att In myItem.Attachments att.SaveAsFile "C:\attch\
  15. i know symantec backup exec is pretty good with a agent running on the backup client course you have to pay throughput from a remote pc to backup disk is pretty fast if you have a managed switch, you might want to think about vlans to help with broadcast traffic on the lan
  16. first off, is your network backbone gigabit?
  17. no, no open vpn, or anytype of vpn solution. btw, the red x is gone now....really weird
  18. as you can see the space under the "devices and printers" is empty, allot of wasted space can i add stuff to it? like paths to network shares, programs, ect ect?
  19. no, just one nic is in the pc i have virtual box as well, that has a virtual nic, but it is disabled.
  20. all of a sudden i got this red x on the network connection, but i still have internet any clues how to get rid of it? i've tried the usual stuff, reboot ect ect
  21. if you have a qr scanner, scan my avatar
  22. so i got tired of my son downloading virus's off the net he is a limited user, but they still download, and still do "nasty stuff" so, i poked around in my router, and found out i could block items by "keywords" i put in exe, zip, msi, and ocx needless to say, doesn't matter who's on the pc, those items get BLOCKED so far so good just passing this info on
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