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  1. Thanks, that is a great thing to know. Why would anyone uninstall an update (this might be a dumb question).
  2. Hi, I am doing a SP2 install & installing about 150mb of updates/patches. Where do those files save themselves on my hard drive? I am looking to clean up my temp files & other extra stuff so I can make an Acronis backup image that will be under 4gb. Thanks Rich
  3. Hi, I used the Nlite software to setup an unattended installation. I selected the option for the system to not actually connect to the network drive on each boot. That is messing up my backup software for some reason. How can I reenable the OS to connect to the network drive on each boot again? Thanks, Rich
  4. Hi, I am currently an IE 6 user. I keep trying IE 7 & find its much slower. I also am an Outlook 2003 user. I like it, its fast enough, works well with exchange, etc. I played with Outlook 2007 using Vista on my laptop (pentium M 2ghz, 1 gig ram, etc). The whole setup was extremely slow. I ended up reinstalling XP/Outlook 2003 & all is speedy again. Am I missing some great feature of Outlook 2007? Will it be faster/worth installing again? I have an exchange account which gives a free copy of outlook 2007, so there is no cost to the upgrade (aside from the yearly exchange account). Thanks, Rich
  5. [quote name='Professor Frink' post='172457' date='Aug 20 2004, 05:52 AM']Please help! [/quote] Well, I am no help, but I have the same issue. I have about 200 folders & am not looking forward to changing the view 200 times
  6. So, if I take a XP Pro cd & the first thing I do is apply SP2, is that any different than a SP2 CD install from a functionality & security standpoint? I think I am not being clear. Meaning, is there a difference (aside from the uninstall feature) between a PC with Win XP Pro SP1 & then installing SP2 vs a PC with Win XP Pro SP2 installed? If both PC's have all the latest hotfixes too.
  7. Hi, I was curious, is there any difference at all between a CD that has XP Pro SP2 on it vs XP Pro SP1 & XP Pro (no service pack at all), once they have all been updated using the windows update website? My question is about the desktop of the PC using the software, is there any difference between the final updated product (after using windowsupdate.com)? Is a XP SP2 with all the updates more streamlined then going from XP to XP SP1 to XP SP2 + all updates? THanks, Rich Title edited -- Please, use [TAGS] in your topic's title. --Sonic
  8. Hi, How do I get rid of MS Messenger without hurting Outlook Express? Are the two integreted? Thanks, Rich
  9. Hi, I was curious, does it make any difference if I install SP1 on a PC & then immediately upgrade to SP2? Is there any speed detriments to doing that vs starting out with a CD that has a slipstreamed SP2 in it? Basically I was wondering if there are any bad effects from starting with SP1, then upgrading to SP2 vs installing a PC with SP2 installed from the start (off the CD)? Thanks, RIch Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian
  10. Hi, I want to leave remote desktop enabled on a server in my home so I can access it from the outside. Is there anything I can do to make it more secure? Is PCanywhere just as "easy" to access? I would like to use RC because any PC can use it (with xp pro anyway) (plus my pda can get to it as well)? Any suggestions? Thanks, Rich
  11. Ok, so theres no way to just add MCE onto a XP Pro box? Like installing MS office or something like that.
  12. Hi, I was playing with a Dell with the media edition software on it last night. I like the way you can use the center with one button & then disable it to use windows regularly. Can you install this on a WinXP Pro machine & still keep the system as a WinXP Pro machine (or does it then become a media edition machine?). Is the media edition a whole OS or just an addon to the existing OS? Thanks, Rich
  13. Hi, I have a few hard drives in my system (4). When I open "My Computer" & choose my "E" drive (which has some MP3's in a sub folder), I do not have the "Music Task" section. The drive runs just fine. When I choose my "D" drive, the PC hangs & the only difference is that it does have that "Music Task" section. I would like to either disable the Music Task or turn it off for that particular window. Any ideas on how to disable that feature (it slows my "D" drive down quite a bit)? If I view the drive through Windows Explorer (which doesnt have those helpful menus) it is speedy as can be. Thanks, Rich
  14. Is there a reg key to get rid of Messenger? It keeps poping up in my start up. THanks, Rich
  15. Sorry what is Bridged networking? I have a router & cable modem. Do I want these disabled?

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