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  1. Thanks guys I'm running XP PRO and the reinstal will also be XP pro The programs i'd want to save would be: Motorolla Mobile phone tools (It took honestly months to get it set right to connect via bluetooth to my cell) Mpegable video maker also for my cell phone and the old sync program for my handspring visor (it still works well so i never replaced it) Some other saves would be nice but those are the main 3 I need Also is there a way to make a list of all the websites i have autologon info for? I'm a member of about 20 sites where i have unique logon info like msfn.org that I know i wont be able to get into or even remember i'm a part of after i reinstall. Thanks Josh
  2. Hey guys, I'm going to have to reinstall my operating system On this computer, I have some old programs that I would no longer be able to find Is there a way to completely backup a program which has already been installed and move it to another computer? Thanks for any help you can offer Josh
  3. Hey guys I started using EFS on my desktop and laptop. I copied the certificates from both laptop and desktop to each other so each had all certificates. Recently, some of the files that I encrypted will not decrypt. When I check the properties, it is encrypted using the desktop certificate but i canot access the file from my desktop. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks, Josh
  4. I found out how to do it for USB disks go into properties / hardware/ policies and switch it from optimize for quick remouval to performace and then format it is ntfs My next question would be how decrypt these NTFS files on another computer My goal is to keep my documents folder on the USB key and transfer it between my desktop at home, my laptop and my workstation at the office. I tried backing up the encryption certificates on my desktop and importing them to the laptop but that hasnt been able to decypt the files Any ideas on how this can be done? Thank
  5. Hey guys I was trying to find a way to copy ntfs encrypted files onto cd/dvd or usb key and keep the ntfs encryption. Anyone know how this can be done? Thanks
  6. I ended up buying a viewsonic N2750w from Costco. Its a 27 inch widescreen and was only $899 I really like it except for some minor quirks. The remote is way too basic and doesnt have a remote code so you cant use a universal remote unless its a learning one. Also it's a bit slow to switch between inputs like tv to monitor... Also the entore screen goes blank for 1 second as you switch between pip and regular mode. As long as you get a learning remote like the harmony I highly recommend this monitor.
  7. Hey Guys First of all sorry if this is in the wrong section i'm looking at buying a media center pc. I currently have digital cable with digital receiver box. how can i use media center to control the digital box or can i somehow get media center tv tuners to decode the chanels past 125 ? additionally would dual tuners work under this scenario? Thanks, Josh
  8. Hey guys I'm looking into voip and i'd like to implement monitering. Basically i'd like to have a display on my pc screen telling me who is calling and to record and catalogue each call made and received. This would include callers name, Caller ID, length of call, time, date... All i've found so far are programs from small or independant companies but nothing at a higher level. Can anyone recommend a call monitering solution for me? Thanks josh
  9. Hey guys I'm looking to get a nice big lcd moniter / TV what do you think about the Sharp 23M1U ? Specs Any comments would help Also what would be the best thing for recording more than one show at once from a tv tuner card? Thanks Josh
  10. my use for this would be to run xp pro (maybe with a bunch of cut services to save resources) office 2003 (everything from excel to visio and mappoint), photoshop and maybe doom 3 Is a new version of the ULV expected soon?
  11. Do all laptops take the same sized ram or do brands like dell, gateway and sony have their own ram with cannot be combined with other brands? I ask this because the Viao T series sells ram upgrades for $299 512 pc 2700 it seems pretty expensive for what it is. Also if the system bus on the notebook is 400 mhz would it make sense to upgrade to 400 mhz ram after buying the notebook since sony doesnt offer it? Thanks Josh
  12. Hey guys I'm looking for some software that would allow me to record, log and document all incoming and outgoing calls made on my voip phone. Anyone know of such software? Thanks Josh
  13. Hey guys I've been trying to find reviews on ultra low voltage mobile processors but have had little luck. Do any of you have any experiance with them? In terms of performance will i be happy or is multitasking a pipe dream with this processor? Thanks josh
  14. it is sketch but i can't say i haven't thought about it. What is a root-kit?
  15. Hey guys I'm thinking about using a tv as my moniter. what would be the best to use? an lcd or plasma ? What are the downsides to this approach? Thanks Josh
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