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  1. Hallo all, i am on my jurney on becoming an MCSA on 2003 ( will be passing exam 70-290 ) this sunday, however i have very little real life expirience . I have been now tasked to install on a new server Server 2008 Standard edition. Our current server has the 2003 version. THe primary jobs are being a file server and a print server. My question would be 1. Is there a way how to move all printer shares to the new server with its permisions 2. How to move all network shares from the old server to the new ones while retaining the NTFS permisions ? thanks a lot !
  2. Hi All, When my system is booting everything is fine, i see all the pics and sound and etc. if i try to do a restart my monitor goes into power saving mode and then does not awake from it. i have connected a dell net book and confirmed that the on the restart that the monitor comes out of the power saving mode. 1.I have run the OS in diagnostic start up to find out if any software might actually do something 2. I have removed every usb item except the mouse and the keyboard 3. I have taken out the VGA card for one boot and then put it in back again. 4. I have connected the DVI cable to a different ports ( first and second) 5. I have started the system with win 7 drivers but still the same problem. 6. I have installed latest nvidia drivers 258.96 nothing is working honestly.... What am i doing wrong here ? ps. Monitor model is LG M2394 D
  3. Hi all, I've bought a new PC with a preinstalled Win 7 ultimate 32 bit. After some time i've tried doing the updates and found out that it was a pirated one. I've asked one of my friends to buy me a serial and have wanted to activate win 7 through this key. I did not find however a way to this except one. I've forgoten which command it was but i've run it from the cmd and i've changed it and it even worked for 2 weeks. Now its says that my system is still pirated. later on i've found out that the actual serial key is for windows 7 pro. my question is is it possible to downgrade to Win 7 pro from win 7 Ultimate and then somehow change the serial key to the licensed one ? thanks
  4. Hi thanks for your help before hand ! nope it actually does, if you go to http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/product...ng=en&cc=us and then select Software & Driver Downloads you will get to the driver download section where you can select Win 7 drivers. You will then get to this page http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwar...product=3339741 where you can select win 7 drivers that arent working on win 7 As for the checking hidden devices in device manager , i will try to find it there. Yes all of them do, web cam, keyboard, I also tested in on all USB ports well lets see first if its detected on the hidden devices. thanks for your help!
  5. Hi all, hope you guys can help me. I've got an all in one HP c5283 printer which i am unable to install under win 7 Ultimate. The device is not being detected on the system even as an unknown device. I have downloaded the drivers from hp for win 7 but even after installing it changes nothing. I have checked this printer on another computer and it works fine without any problems. Does anyone have an advise what could i try ? thank you very much!
  6. ahm, being honest i know that there is no such a thing as total protection, but i just want to able to protect the users pc from this virus . as for turning off system restore thats a good idea ( i have at 3 % ) so far i've managed to remove it without letting it coming back to the infected PC , but new ones get infected. Its very strange . i just dont understaтв why some PC are affected and others are not
  7. Good morning all, I have about 100 machines in the domain. Most of them XPSP3 with about 54 of MS critical updates. One of them has been infected with Antivirus 2009 ( http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/viru...antivirus-2009) after that it started to jump over the network to other users . I can remove it , but then it pops out in another PC. After a while the PC that i have cleaned get it again. How do i protect the PC actually against it ? Anti-virus software is McAfee 8.5 to 8.7 which detects the virus but cant remove it. please let me know if you need any more information . Thanks a lot Diego
  8. thanks Guys , will try it now
  9. Hello all! My friend had a 2 viruses on his pc. He took his second HDD out of this PC to his home computer to clean it from viruses. The HDD was a 1 TB Maxtor DiamondMax 22. He connected everything fine and cleaned it from viruses, after he brought it back to his work computer , it was not working anymore. I advised him opening up the Disk Management and look at the HDD, he told me that it was written *Dynamic Unreadable * . I told him not to touch anything and bring it to me. there is very important data on this HDD so he told me that it was not an option to format the drive, which the system asked actually . After doing some research i came to this article on MS support page http://support.microsoft.com/kb/320283 basically before doing so , I've checked the HDD with MHDD which showed that it was okey. The thing is , that i've read this article too late and used a FIXMBR command , and another command from another software from Hirens boot CD , which replaced the original MBR, as it explained to me. Now , when I restarted my pc , the Dynamic Unreadable sign is not there anymore, but instead i this message now. Now, my question is , how can i make this drive readable again or if that is not an option , how can I extract the data from it ? thank you very much Diego
  10. okey , managed to find the Hirens Boot CD (the latest currently is the 9.5) I DL the 9.3 . It had a handy utility named Universal TCP/IP Network 5.4 this utility did everthing for me. Just connected it to my router and it gave me imidiatly an IP adress. I was also able to map the drive I wanted. Thanks anyways for the help! here is the website http://www.hiren.info/pages/bootcd
  11. Sorry I am quite the slow one, the only thing that I am getting till now are Bootdisk (floopies) but I need a CD-based one. could you please give me a link , coz I cant find on my own...
  12. Hi to all, searched over the forum but didnt find anything like that. Probably to simple.. I got the following problem... I would like to do a network install of win xp. I have read that one would need a distribution share. Which in my case is my computer named : Striker-Formula I also need to put in the share the i386 Folder. I did that as well. Then I need to enable network boot on my other pc, did that as well. Well after that I am supposed to run a network boot utility, but I dont have any floopy drive. I only can use the CD-Rom drive. Furthermore , i have no clue which utility I am supposed to use. That is my current problem right now... and if I am not mistake, after I get the utility I need to run the net use z : \\Striker-formula\i386 command and then type z: and then run the winnt.exe command. After that the network install should initiate.. Please advise!
  13. People i have a friend who wants to buy a PC.This PC is for audio working...Now the problem is that i do not know what kind of memory i need for him....Which one do you recommend ..IT should be at least 1 gb and should be quite power full.. Its needed for extreme work with AUDIO...Its Handeling about several houndereds of GB.. So what kind of ddr2 memory would you recomend... Please post the links to them so i would check it out! athlon 64 3700 is the proccesor...any comments about it? also some comments about the mother board would be good..dunno...for example if its good or bad...The good points and bad Points! thanks forward
  14. Droiyan3


    But what about the drivers???when i click on properties then i Only see a small Xp without the Drivers...
  15. Droiyan3


    I have a problem regarding the driver packs..please help I did exactly how it was written in the tutorial ..but some how it didnt work..I dunno why . I did the following steps DOWNLOAD all DriverPacks you'd like to use and put them in the DriverPacks folder. I did that ..I DL all of the drivers and Put them in the Driver Packs Folder. EXECUTE BTS_DPs_Slipstreamer.cmd (1 I did that and I pressed step 1 then it did everything on its own .. then COPY the CONTENTS ONLY of the folder UWXPCD_ROOT to the root of your Unattended Windows XP CD (2). so i did that i copied the 2 things ..Run.ME and M1 EXECUTE RUN_ME.cmd i did that...but i my drivers werent moved to the Instalation Folder! could u please help Edit: accidentlu created another topic
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