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  1. I got the answer already from mister DigeratiPrime himself so please delete this post.
  2. Hi, i've use Daemon Tools and it's a very good program but it misses one thing... It can't mount images as easily as Alcohol 120%. But then i found this reply on the topic "alcohol 120 vs daemon tools" : ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ When I installed "DaemonTools.cmd" it didn't worked. Now my question is: How to undo all of the changes it has done to my pc?
  3. It's kind of what I'm asking. At least closer than a solution by buying all kinds of stuff . Thx. What I wanna reach is something in what I can put my computer in somekind of mode or something in what it will use less power, less performance, less heat, less noise. (I don't know if my 'half-sleep-mode' was a good explanation )
  4. I'm srry, i don't wanna spend any money. I was justing curious if its possible to set my pc on a lower-performance lvl. Because I dont need that much power when using office and internet. Is there some solution?
  5. Hi, I have a pc which I bought about a year ago. It has a P4 2.6GHZ, 512MB , and an radeon 9600PRO. Of course i bought this system for gaming, and I'm very happy with it! But I also wanna download and use my pc for things which doesnt require any performance (internet, office, downloading). Is there a way to make a kind of 'half-sleep-mode' or something in which the performance of my pc reduces to a very low level, and the fanspeed too? This way my pc will make less noise and produces less heat. Is this possible?
  6. I don't think it would help you if everyone would tell his opinion. No one knows how far you want to go with OC, how much money you want to spend, what multimedia-extra's mean to you. No one can know that, EXCEPT you yourself! I think you should gather information yourself at places like tomshardware.com , anandtech.com , that kind of sites. After you got all the information you need; testresults, conclusions, everything, you should choose the parts one by one. This way you can squeeze the most preformance out of your money
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