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  1. OK, my mistake but still problems are to be expected with beta version of KeX.
  2. I'm using KeX 4.5.2 and GOM Player 2.1.43 (build 5119) and haven't got any problem (even small glitches). I presume that issue could be hardware/software related, because of various DLL's, etc.
  3. Leyok, it would be possible to use a good defragmentation tool like Defraggler when you release a new version of KeX?
  4. Could you download and install latest version (0.4.3)? It should work with your Firefox 2.0. tabhomepage.zip
  5. Xeno, I'm very much sure that majority of members here have greatly appreciated the incredible effort you've put into KeX project. I hope so too!
  6. As far as I know Firefox 3.6.28 is the last version which you can use without problem (maybe except Java support). Of course it's possible to run newer versions but there will be issues with bookmarks/history etc. Regarding your second question: it shouldn't have any. Alternate browsers use their own rendering engines - Firefox/Gecko and Opera/Presto. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_browser_engine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_web_browser_engines
  7. You can't use exe installer - try msi version instead from here. Yes, it's true - it works without problem (non-IE version).
  8. No, I'm using KeX 4.5.2 without those extensions.
  9. I have just msvcrt.dll 6.10.8924.0 and I can run Avidemux 2.5.3 too.
  10. Leyok, it would be really great if you could continue Xeno86's work and develop this excellent and important project for our small community.
  11. New version (11.5.502.146) of Flash Player for non-IE browsers is still OK with Win98 SE+KeX 4.5.2. Btw, I can confirm that SumatraPDF 2.2 indeed working - both installer and portable version.
  12. Latest update of Flash Player (11.5.502.135) for plugin-based browsers (like Opera) working OK with KeX 4.5.2 and Win98 SE.
  13. Latest Flash Player (11.5.502.110) working with Win98 SE and KeX 4.5.2. Installation file (msi) is significantly bigger than the previous version (11.4.402.287). I've looked also for replacement of really old Word/Excel Viewer 97 and looks like I've found it: TextMaker/PlanMaker Viewer 2010. You can download them from here. Btw, I would be grateful if more people could check them.
  14. Just released VLC media player 2.0.4 working smoothly with Win98 SE and KeX 4.5.2 (short test).
  15. I 'm really surprised to hear that because Cool'n'Quiet works in Win98 SE. How it's possible, that it doesn't work in Windows 2000?
  16. Good news guys: Opera decided to remove (at least temporarily) plugin wrapper from 32-bit version: You can download latest build from here. Btw, I'm writing this using Opera 12.02 (build 1555).
  17. This version is an update for Linux only - here is confirmation. It's Internet Explorer version and schwups has mentioned only that one for alternative browsers like Firefox/Opera.
  18. You know, it would be wonderful to have Flash GPU acceleration on Win9x but it's not possible as we know. Btw, I've discovered some sound glitches (distortion) with latest version.
  19. Honestly, I don't know what sort of benefits do you expect installing newest Flash version on retro systems like Win98/Me but if you need it so badly, you can download it from here. Btw, I've tested it - it works (suprisingly even with old SeaMonkey 1.1.19).
  20. I have exactly the same problem with that update.
  21. VLC Player 2.0.1 working smoothly with KeX 4.5.2. I have tried portable version of SumatraPDF 2.0 but I've got error message about missing export NTDLL.DLL:wcsncat. Btw, loblo could you try latest version of AV Splitter? Installation was successful but it doesn't work on my PC.
  22. Yes, I can't play Audio CD with latest stable version of VLC too. Btw, looks like they had similar problem in the past (with older versions).
  23. Flash Player updated to version - it working smoothly.
  24. Java 6 update 31 installed successully on silent mode and workable (Win98 SE and KeX 4.5.2).

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