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  1. some user reported that the download links are down . can u please update them? thank you
  2. u dont have to add anything in entries if the files are newer then the one on your source. if u want to force copy them then [general] builddate=02/14/2009 description=toto language=English title=toto version=1.0 [dosnet_files] SYSSETUP.INF EXPLORER.EXE [txtsetup_files] SYSSETUP.INF = 100,,,,,,,20,0,0 EXPLORER.EXE = 100,,,,,,,1,0,0
  3. here is a very good topic about youe question
  4. Here is what I found for Windows 7 vLite support so far: - dont remove games (maybe only Premium games are ok), setup breaks - if you remove manual install copy Sources files back to the folder from the full but don't overwrite any files and remake ISO or setup popups missing hdd controller driver (maybe just in VMWare) - Beep needed for Windows Audio - don't use Skip CDKey option in Unattended or it won't start setup
  5. darkon dont select Skip CDKey option in unattended and will get rid of that err also i added some more info here
  6. ccl please read the rules. next time when u have a complaint, please do it via PM. thank you
  7. steps 1. slipstream sp3 2. slipstream hotfixes that came out after sp3 or go to ryanvm's site and try post sp3 updates packs over there. good luck
  8. look on the other thread u opened for my reply.
  9. well if u want to add ie6 and wmp9 u should look at ryanvm's forum. there u will find a win2k section with ie6 and wmp9 addons. also if u want to slipstream those 2.....dont remove wmp6.4 or ie5.... it will just brake your install cd.
  10. new version out changelog http://www.boooggy.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=14
  11. how did u tested? please attach your nlite preset. i am asking u because i always test before release and my nlited x64 install worked just fine.
  12. new version out changelog http://www.boooggy.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=14
  13. try this find this files on the fresh cd \I386\EVENTCLS.DL_ \I386\SWPRV.DL_ \I386\TWEXT.DL_ \I386\VOLSNAP.IN_ \I386\VOLSNAP.SY_ \I386\VSSADMIN.EX_ \I386\VSSVC.EX_ \I386\VSS_PS.DL_ expand them then copy all dlls and exes to system32 folder and the .inf file to the inf folder. then register all dlls and then run the .inf then restart. i hope it will work
  14. u also said u post the links to the authors site.....
  15. vlite is not dead as everybody can see vlite.net is still alive nuhi is busy, development paused but projects work fine
  16. u should check ryans site....there are some alternatives there
  17. gdragon can u please use only wmp11 slipstreamer and then create iso and try in virtual enviroment? and please report back thx later edit i tested x64 like this slipstreamed wmp11 using my progie then integrated 5eraph pack using nlite. created iso and installed in vmware. no problem at all. so the problem is not with my program.
  18. guys please stop flaming... he can post the way he wants ...but that doesnt mean that he will get any help ......
  19. austin please dont post same request under multiple posts thanx

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