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  1. Google around, there is a fix to play on XP. Cant link to it, as it is not made by the developers.
  2. Sorry, my computer crashed and lost all of my progress (all corrupt, coundn't save any). I am in the progress of recoding it.
  3. Is that with the exe I sent you? Were you using v9.4.26.0?
  4. Sorry it is taking so long. I am now shrinking the Nero exe (removing everything that is unneeded). There are just so many icons.
  5. Sorry, almost done the entire app. Over 5000 lines of code.
  6. Sorry, I have an update coming soon (took longer then I thought, and I haven't been near the comp for some time), I will see if I can make a patcher to strip down the exe to only needed icons..
  7. Crappy, I'm in the make of a big update, I can upload the old one for now if you want.
  8. Thats what I thought, maybe I just had it wrong. Big update, might be out tomorrow.
  9. Sorry for the wrong address, I'm on x64 and trying to remember for x86. Would you mind sharing where you found your key in the registry?
  10. The serial generator is the most finicky part of it. I have an Idea for something else, going to try it. There will also be an update later today. Post programs you would like to see Repacked. I don't know what programs people want to be Repacked.
  11. Added 7z to cleanup, added multiple mirrors. Will be working on it more later today.
  12. Ah, I will have to fix that, i was worried about if the version would change the temp folder name, and it does. I will fix that. Yes, one creates the 7z and the other creates the SFX. Thanks for the info, and you are welcome. Fixed and reuploaded.

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