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  1. i deleted your post cause warez is not allowed... then if u want to use slipstreamer u should use it on a source that has wmp 9 and wmp6.4 (meaning that wmp and wmp6.4 are not removed).
  2. boooggy

    Reversing vLite

    if u want to add features that u removed with vlite...then its not possible. u have to start it from the scratch with a new cd and a new install....
  3. no problem mate... it lokks ok now. thank you
  4. please update your posts with more info about this programs....
  5. and also i suppose u dont have nuhi's agreament to redistribute vlite......
  6. do u use any antivirus or malware protection software?
  7. boooggy

    ISO is 10GB....

    and u dont have to slipstream sp2 and then sp3. service packs are cumulative so sp3 includes sp2.....
  8. boooggy

    51 hours later

    the question did u finish creating iso? lol
  9. jerry go to regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices and delete all entries except the default one. then restart. i hope it will work for u
  10. boooggy

    nLite 1.5

    if u read the other lots of topics where people asks for a new version, u will realise that nuhi is really busy with real life.
  11. cause nlite copies the .exe in its folder.
  12. nlite and wmp11 slisptreamer are 2 separate programs. but they work togheter. so u need to install them both.
  13. it is recomended to start from scratch and not use an already integrated iso. it might work but also it might not......
  14. very nice details indeed...... please tell me exactly what u did and what u used.....
  15. what do u try to slipstream into vista?
  16. the details are too little please tell me more.......
  17. well..... as most of people here noticed, nuhi is really busy with real life and probably he won't be developing 7lite. :(
  18. i think this was discussed when sp1 came on....and was something linked to winsxs folder... i guess its better to slipstream it and then vlite.
  19. because many of the cabs here are based on silent installers, some av can report this files as malware.... usually this are false positives... anyway if u want to be sure just use virtual enviroment (virtual pc or vmware or else) and test your cd there.
  20. new version out changelog http://www.boooggy.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=14
  21. please keep the discussion on topic guys. off topic and insulting posts were deleted.
  22. boooggy

    n7ite Anyone?

    also minwin project remain as it was.....just a project...... maybe hopes for win 8.....lol
  23. meowing please try install all update pack and addons with nlite in one row. then use wmp11 slippy. i didnt use klite ever but never had probs playing wmv files.......
  24. boooggy

    Bloat xp sp3?

    and also attach your preset here .....

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