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  1. dutchman i looked into this issue and found out that slipstreamer works just fine with wmp 11 x64 and hotfixes. the issue u had is cause u integrated kb939209 via nlite and not with slipstreamer. as far as i see nlite overwrites qasf.dll x64 version with x32 version. thx for reporting i will get in touch with nuhi to solve this problem.
  2. KB941569 contains wmp 11 related file so sp3 doesnt update that .......so this fix is not obsolete. the installer shows version if u keep your cursor over it. also u can check the md5 hash.
  3. thx for reportin dutchman we will investigate and see whats up.
  4. as i posted in a previous post ...i scaned it with nod and symantecc corporate av and there is no malware. but if u find it u should report it to the creator of this tool.
  5. because this utility is not made by nlite developers.....
  6. correct so please dont request this here.
  7. new version out please check the site and forum.
  8. boooggy


    u can search for update packs here
  9. boooggy


    u have updates slipstreamed with /integrateswitch. all u have to do is to find the svcpack folder and delete all its content. and also find svcpack.inf and also remove the hotfixes from there.
  10. Version: June v1.0.1b File Size: 3.36 MB MD5 Checksum: D84B05CA4431DAD21E59075265602488 Download Link: xable-SP3-UpdatePack-June-v1.0.1b.7z LINK
  11. no was superseeded by other and like i said all up2date hotfixes are posted on slippy site
  12. i scan the installer and also the program folder with symantec av corporate and nod 32 and no viruses.
  13. ozzy consider this a warning... next time i will take action against u.
  14. please dont post the same request in multiple threads....read the forum rules
  15. also attach the full preset without editing it.....i mean the drivers and hotfix section.....
  16. can u please add the wbemoc.inf file?
  17. u have to thank microsoft for this one.... they force copy the file inside this fix in multiple locations....so have patience till nuhi fixes this
  18. yes eddie the wmp 11 installer is made from 4 individual parts. so u will get also the uninstall option for this parts. when u use the slipstreamer those uninstall is not created. also the hotfixes that appears on my site are also neeeded even if they dont show up on wu/mu
  19. ok it seems i was wrong..... nlite is smart enough to put the files in the right place. meaning in amd64 folder. also if u look after svcpack.inf after integrate this addons u will see what i meant.

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