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  1. i have office 2k7 installed
  2. i had the same problem and got an error code associated with windows update. i searched windows help and it gave me this: 1. click start>run>services.msc 2. go to office source engine and set it to automatic (delayed start) and start the service. 3. install the update. done
  3. the so called new installer doesnt contain any of wmp11 updates. so all hotfixes listed on my site are still needed,
  4. new one out http://www.softpedia.com/get/Internet/Brow...le-Chrome.shtml
  5. please dont post same thing under multiple threads. read the forum rules. thank you
  6. sp3 cant be integrated over mce sp2. microsoft build it that way.
  7. i think its stated pretty clear in the nlite license.....please read it
  8. please next time use the search function of this forum before posting. thank u link i know is an older version but u can request updating it there.
  9. forgot one thing.....use a clean source not one that had stuff preintegrated.
  10. ronny please read nlite faq. u wil find hte way to integrate wmp11 there. also slipstream sp3 first and then wmp11.
  11. please add the name of the software u request in the title.....
  12. i think your problem is in drivers.....u have way tooooo many drivers. i think that some of them are already on the cd.....
  13. as soon as happy dude is posting it i will make it sticky.... ooops please send me a pm.....when its done
  14. happy dude please ask johndoe permission to do this list first and then if he agrees start a new thread.
  15. as i asked u, u can make a thread with all your addons and i will make it sticky.....
  16. like i posted in my forum what u do is interesting but thinking that most of wmp files are interconected....so if u delete one u will get errors. if u want a bloat free player...dont think about wmp 11 and especially wmp11 x64........
  17. new version changelog http://www.boooggy.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=14
  18. new version changelog http://www.boooggy.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=14
  19. new version out changelog http://www.boooggy.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=14
  20. jbuszkie i think i have an ideea..... as long as u are using sp2...then the order should be: 1. copy a clean sp2 source to your hdd 2. integrate ryan update pack (saw u use 2.2.2) and ie7 3. integrate KB894871 (the other one is in ryans pack) 4. run my slippy to integrate wmp11 plus hotfixes. 5. nlite..... please try like this and report back with result thx

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