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  1. Have you refined your list since you first posted? So far I haven't broke functionality. Though more testing required! If anyone has any further to add please chime in?
  2. Dexx

    7 lite

    Which alternative tool comes most highly recommended by the vlite crowd?
  3. My board uses the Realtek 889 HD chipset. Whilst the drivers from Realtek work fine, they seem very bloated. Does anyone know of a cutdown driver install that just contains the driver rather than all the other stuff (eg kareoke, special effects, etc)? EDIT: Guru3d copied this from the official realtek site: http://download.guru3d.com/Realtek-HD-Audi...nload-2317.html
  4. Dexx

    Vize 2

    Now that the original website is gone, can someone please post a speal on what vize (and vize2) actually is and does? I've just found this forum (coming from vlite) and am trying to piece together what this project is about.
  5. Does anyone have a preset suitable for a HTPC? I'm working on a Win7 media build at the moment. Ideally it will use media centre and have networking abilities, but little else.
  6. Can you recommend any hotfix bundle packs that are compatable with nlite apart from RyanVM?
  7. That cant be right. For SP3, should it be "April 2008"?
  8. That is strange. Have you tried using a completely different and fresh XP source?
  9. A reboot makes me think its not environment or account related. However, getting as far as the mouse cursor seems to preclude driver issues. I did see this once when i integrated the latest Intel INF file in my build. It crash booted on older PCs. I recommend that you go back to the drawing board and try a step by step approach. Start with a full XP install and nlite strip it. Try that to see if it works. If it works, integrate the latest patches/hotfixes and the tweaks you need. If that works, integrate any additional drivers + software and then try that.
  10. I'm very happy with nLite. However i'm having an issue with the NIC on a couple of nForce boards - an nforce4 board and an i650 board. All installs fine - i can see the NIC in device manager and if i run ipconfig from a command prompt it shows up fine. However, "network connections" is completely blank. My DFI nforce board has two nics - an nVidia one and a Marvell one. If i install the Marvell NIC, it shows up fine. However, even uninstalling and reinstalling the latest nForce drivers fails to make the nForce NIC show. Ive installed full XP versions on this machine and didnt see this issue. My guess is that there is some component which i have removed via nlite which is causing the hassle. Has anyone encountered (and fixed) this?
  11. Dexx

    Mindows Project

    Is this project still active?
  12. I have an old nlite winxp build that i'm updating. Originally i integrated some nforce drivers into the build. I'd like to remove these outdated drivers. When i load the original last session.ini and make my changes, including removing the listed integrated drivers, the new build still has the drivers present. How do i get nlite (1.3.5) to delete these old files?
  13. I have an nlited copy of Windows 2003. If i wish to add back in IE6, OE, and remote desktop service; whats the best way? Should i copy an unstripped original install over the top and rerun nlite to retune the last_session.ini?
  14. Dexx

    nlite.cmd missing

    I started from scratch with a fresh i386 directory. Its fine now. No idea what was missing the first time.
  15. Dexx

    nlite.cmd missing

    Ive made a fairly simple nlite disk for WinXP 32 bit which i'm installing on a P4 1.6 desktop. All goes well, except after the first boot when runonce is processing it complains that it cant find c:\windows\system32\nlite.cmd. I'm running nlite 1.3.5. I'd imagine that the nlite.cmd command would be setup during the build phase. Where can i look to find out why the file is missing?

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