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    all updates available on windows update both for xp x32 and x64 and also for 2k3 x32. also on xpx32 we tested the updates downloaded using wsus offline and also wud. basically whats left on windows update are windows search, kb890830, net framework updates and wmp 11.
  2. ok seraph u can host it after close up. thank you for the offer.
  3. boooggy

    why no update?

    this might be an answer
  4. try this link hope is usefull
  5. just a little googling...... 1 2 3
  6. can u put them in an archive with winrar or other ? thx
  7. patosan please try to use the slipstreamer first and then nlite. also before that....can u please attach the txtsetup.sf file before and after slipstreameing? thank you
  8. all fixes that are listed on my page are all hotfixes that microsoft released for wmp11. of course not all are critical. and as microsoft recommends all other fixes should be added or installed only if u have that specific problem. but.....i want to have the most up 2 date files on my cd...so thats why all fixes are listed on my site.
  9. then if u found the addon with problem, go to its thread and post there your issue. one faulty inf is enough to cripple your install....
  10. i think he wants a generic one that works on all controlers..... unfortunately there is no such driver.....
  11. the simptoms are the one of a wrong .inf install. please try removing all addons and try adding them back one by one. then reinstall in vm. in this way u might discover which addon is causing the problem.
  12. u can set it to whatever u want in the last page of iso creation/write cd/dvd page.
  13. u cant add them back to cd... u have to use an original cd

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