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  1. Thanks for the assistance, but I was finally able to do what I want. I did not use nLite though. I used HFSLIP as it allows a bit more control. It is more of a manual process, but it did what I wanted. I will still look into using nLite when I get the time. Thanks again.
  2. Yes, you are probably right. I'll will not use this one anymore.
  3. Ooops, my mistake, I meant Hot Fixes and I meant Windows 2000 was not compatible with WMP11, but is compatible with WMP9. I don't think WMP11 runs under Windows 2000, which is why I am asking the question, but nLite comes up and and asks for it. I probably did something wrong when I was adding the hot fixes, but I am not sure what. This is what I want to do: 1. Add SP4 which was fairly easy. 2. Add all the hot fixes and security updates 3. Remove IE5 and add IE6. 4. Remove WMP6.4 and add WMP9 I have included the LastSession.ini file. Sorry for the confusion, I guess I was in a hurry when I wrote the post. Last_Session.ini
  4. I am using Windows XP, but I am trying to make a Windows 2000 CD. I would like to integrate IE6 and WMP9 into it and remove IE5 as well as WMP6.4. How would I do this? The guides were not much help. Every time I run the program it asks for WMP11.
  5. I was using nLite 1.49 to integrate my 2000 professional CD with all my service packs and other stuff, but when I run it the program asks fow WMP11. According to the microsoft website, WMP11 is not compatible with Windows 2000, but WMP11 is. Anyone know what I am doing wrong or is this a bug in nLite.
  6. I downloaded the PEiD and my virus scanner said that it had a virus. I use AVG Free. Anyone else have this problem.
  7. Hi, I am new to this forum, but it looks interesting. I am test engineer from a local electronics company. I mostly came here to learn about putting together a custom Windows XP install CD/DVD, but hopefully I utilize these resources for other things.

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