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  1. Hi nuhi, This is on a WIn10 RS1 14393. I just remove the Windows Firewall (Removes Firewall UI and its functionality), in a off-line case, which I plan to use for installation on a PC. Let me try to duplicate the issue and attache the preset. Thank you very much for helping.
  2. Hi nuhi, Just found a potential bug in v1.1.0.4210. If remove Windows Firewall, the the first boot is loop and never get to the Windows desktop. Thanks for look into this.
  3. Hi nuhi, Thanks for the clarification. I actually have purchased 2 licenses (Home). And I will gladly be a paid renew customer to support this project.
  4. Hi nuhi, I got the pop window asking for new code when I run beta version ( Is there any licencing change? Looks like in order to use beta version, different activation code is required? TIA
  5. Thanks nuhi. How about for driver that does not have WHQL, but digitally certified by vendor (eg. Intel)? Will they install as WHQL ones? TIA
  6. Hi nuhi, Not sure if this question has been asked and answered. How does NTLite driver integration interact with Win10 installation? Assuming Win10 has built-in driver, but an old version. Then after integration of a newer version of the driver. What would happen? 1. Win10 install build-in older driver, then update to newer driver during installation process 2. Win10 just install the newer driver from integration, and ignore the older built-in ones? Or none of the above? TIA
  7. Looks like the ESD needs a new RSA key as well.
  8. Hi nuhi, Possible for you to release a new version to support 14361? It could be the escrow of the actual RS1. TIA
  9. Hi nuhi, Will you release new NTLite to support Win10 11102 anytime soon? Redstone has 2 released versions already. TIA
  10. I have encountered same issue on both EN-US and CN-TW. I removed whole Windows Firewall Service back then. Office can't open files sometimes, can't really identify a pattern. If I only remove the Windows Firewall UI, maybe Office can work properly? TIA
  11. Finally got time to re-visit this issue. Has been pretty busy in the past 3 months. If I remove Windows Firewall (Firewall UI and functionality) under Internet Connect Sharing under Windows Firewall Services. Will removing this component alone affect the working of Microsoft Office? TIA
  12. Hi nuhi, Will you release new NTLite to support Win10 10586 anytime soon? Looks like this is most likely the TH2 to be released later next week, TIA
  13. Thanks nuhi, this is great to know. By the way, how about Windows 10 TH2? Which is schedule to release by early Nov.? TIA
  14. Hi nuhi, Does NTLite support Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB? Thanks
  15. Hello nuhi et al, I am wondering which Firewall component(s) is direct related to Microsoft Office. What I know is that if you remove firewall, then you can't open Office file (docx, xlsx, pptx etc) from Outlook, sometime can't even open the file directly. However there are 3 firewall components. Anyone has any idea why firewall is related to Office? and which one(s) are actually linked? TIA
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