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  1. Have you tried the newer XP driver from the AWUS1900.zip package? It is dated 2019-06-15 and versioned '1030.8.0203.2016'. Fully uninstall the device from device manager (with fully removing the driver in count) and install the newer one manually by device manager. If this awus1900.zip driver wont work (and assuming info depot wiki is right about the pci id of the device), try the latest winxp driver provided by drp.su https://drp.su/en/hwids/USB\VID_0BDA%26PID_8813?os=windows-xp-x86
  2. Like I said, provide concrete proof that it's a trojan, and not just a circumstantial thing. Have you tried making a clean XP SP3 VM to test whether this also happens with both 0.6a and the master build?
  3. whether is possible, depends on which card (a few of 'em), whereas the only thing you can get working is only 2d acceleration.
  4. Are you sure that it's Xompie itself that wrecks it up instead of something else that might cause any incompatibility? The author of this project has been in this community for at least 10 years, so those are bold accusations. (also have you tested it on a clean profile before installing xompie? I'm not aware of anything that might mess with firefox or roytam's browsers). Also the source code is on github, so anybody can review it for any malware behavior, and so far nobody has said about it being malware. Have you used the latest master build (clone the repo, save as zip, launch the install cmd), whether this happens with that too? Remind you that Malware.Gen and other Artemis detections may happen to be false positives, so be sure that what you say is really true. I'll let these virustotal results be posted to research 'em (not just look at the summary results): https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/24f612ee3e13fdb5cd3273159e49a9072ae4cc330fb473e633224f19f5ce6d01/detection - Xompie 0.6a (23/69 = ~33%) https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/7505068ee4fe4a7d809b84271494201aa2b1c353ec302dfd58bfb743b104daac/detection - Xompie master build (zip clone repo from github) (19/64 = ~29-30%) I've scanned these files with Windows Defender/Security in Windows 10 1909 (18363.535) with latest definitions, and it hasn't detected anything.
  5. False positive. I'm pretty sure that if you scan the file in virustotal, the positives will significantly outweight the negatives.
  6. I and my friend know how to do it, it's just that GTX 10xx cards are hit-or-miss on XP, and that i was worrying about.
  7. Ahh, so that is to be expected. A friend of mine modded the latest drivers for the exact same card for XP installed on an asrock z170 pro4s mobo - same thing happened.
  8. fixed the versioning and correct ordering for ya.
  9. Isn't ahcix86.sys related to AMD's AHCI controller drivers (to be exact, the AHCI-compatible RAID drivers), thus not a native file from microsoft? Seems that you might had 'em slipstreamed b4
  10. We need some proof more than just a line of text. At best 2D acceleration would work if you're very lucky, because 3D acceleration won't work at all. Also make sure that the GTX 1060 is actually a real GTX 1060, not just a chinese ripoff, so make sure you provide the screenshot of the output of GPU-Z.
  11. I don't see any reason why they shouldn't work.
  12. @Arutz Tele https://www.win-raid.com/t4035f45-Windows-XP-Bit-and-Server-Bit-on-Modern-Hardware-148.html#msg87125
  13. I'm pretty much sure he just used his own modified universal usb3 drivers based on AMDXHCI, that was destined for XP (with acpi.sys mod).
  14. If you want the full 12 gigabytes, and acknowledging any stability issues that it may cause. You have to copy ntoskrnl.exe, ntkrnlpa.exe and hal.dll from the system32 folder in the windows install to the folder with the patcher, run "WINXPPAE /ALL" and overwrite the files. It is recommended to do that with a fully updated windows xp SP3 install. according to daniel_k: "You may test the files on a running system by replacing the files from another OS (otherwise File Protection will restore the files).", for ex. boot into a live cd and replace the original files in system32 (and in the DllCache folder, that's where the windows file protection restores files from) with the modified ones by the patcher.
  15. 32-bit: http://web.archive.org/web/20181026103325/https://downloadmirror.intel.com/20758/a08/GFX_Win7_32_8.15.10.2761.exe 64-bit: http://web.archive.org/web/20180202165350/https://downloadmirror.intel.com/20758/a08/GFX_Win7_64_8.15.10.2761.exe
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