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  1. IntMD

    Updated Thunderbird fork for windows XP

    The only thunderbird fork i know of that isn't quantum-based is binaryoutcast's 'interlink mail & news'. Roytam makes XP-compatible builds of it (along with the browser suite (Borealis)), so you're in luck.
  2. The difference is that Google doesn't even try to straightup put a lie that it's a browser that keeps privacy in mind and doesn't collect data unlike Slimjet, that and whether to pick up a small-name company (FlashPoint) sharing sensitive info to multiple companies and a big-name company (Google) to collect the data and keeps it to itself, i'd pick the latter. It's much worse when it comes to privacy than Chrome, especially when it's advertised as a browser trying to not collect your data. Advanced Chrome would be more reliable, even if it's also by a small name company though. Their site providdes a git difference between their fork and normal Chrome.
  3. I wouldn't recommend Slimjet, especially since it's basically a spyware bomb. Take a read on this
  4. IntMD

    DirectX 11 on Windows XP?

    You might be better off using wined3d to translate >=DX10 calls to OpenGL. This way it's a nice workaround for DX10/DX11 only games on XP.
  5. IntMD

    Discord and Windows XP

    IIRC roytam1's Basilisk fork (I dunno how's the case with PM28) allows you to use the Discord voicechat feature.
  6. Just remove the folder containing New Moon's program files and replace it with the newer version. Since roytam's builds aren't portable the configuration files are in AppData, so you don't have to start it again.
  7. IntMD

    Windows NT 4.0 api wrapper

    Sorry for bumping, but is there any progress (even the smallest) on this project? It has been 2 months since the last post and it would be sad if this project was abandoned.