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  1. Bumping, but last time I used MacType for Win7, the then-latest version had support for color emojis (might want to edit the ini or use the configurator, can't remember if it was enabled by default).
  2. Apologies if this was asked gorillion times before, but what are the differences between these builds and what Humming Owl provides?
  3. The thing with Optimus is it will ONLY work with Win7 and above, unless the dGPU drives the external display (or if it's even possible, get the dGPU to drive the internal display).
  4. What are the hardware IDs for that card (check with devmgmt.msc)? Assuming the drivers for that card do really exist for Vista, the info would be pretty useful.
  5. for the record, what are the hardware ids for the model (and what exact kind of AR5B22 is it)?
  6. Sorry for necro-ing, but are you still working on UOC, or is foxPEP/tenfourfoxpep considered a successor to it now? If so, will the OP (or the thread at all) be updated to reflect the current developments?
  7. works for the Internet Explorer-specific version of Update Catalog. So they've managed not only to screw up searching by hardware identificators (which is far useful for locating newest WHQL'd drivers) and how the results in general were less accurate, but also they screwed up searching at all for the non-IE version. nice, EDIT: seems to be back now, for non-IE browsers, and they have finally unf***ed searching by HWIDs.
  8. So, to conclude, which updates are causing problems and which ones aren't? It would be good if there was a list of them, as I can't seem to find it.
  9. Seems that microsoft cracked down on updates like win7 SP1 from the download center. the catalog is still intact, though. (or have i slowpoked on that one?)
  10. Wasn't there already a thread with user suggestions on what to rebrand the browser? I suppose it's time to get this a yet another glance.
  11. I'll bite, have you checked the cab's signature properties whether it's actually SHA1/SHA256 double-signed or SHA2-only (do this from a modern windows as XP iirc seems to not be able to offer the signature tab for the cab, say one of those WinPE live-cds)
  12. IMO the decommissioning thread should be pinned in legacy windows section, as it's a hot topic. Also helps for newbies to not create a new topic each time windows update shows that 0x80008135hehe error or whatever it is.
  13. Weird. what error did it show btw? Also to rule out obvious things, you selected "Offline mode" before searching, right? I'll recheck it real quick to see if something hasn't been messed up recently.
  14. Even with the 2016 build from MDL? It still works for me with the wsusscan2.cab with dual-signed SHA1 & SHA256.
  15. Wouldn't tell to uninstall. Some programs relies on windows' own crypto lib and the benefit far outweight the cons IMO. also let's make sure somebody else verifies this.

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