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  1. Seems that microsoft cracked down on updates like win7 SP1 from the download center. the catalog is still intact, though. (or have i slowpoked on that one?)
  2. Wasn't there already a thread with user suggestions on what to rebrand the browser? I suppose it's time to get this a yet another glance.
  3. I'll bite, have you checked the cab's signature properties whether it's actually SHA1/SHA256 double-signed or SHA2-only (do this from a modern windows as XP iirc seems to not be able to offer the signature tab for the cab, say one of those WinPE live-cds)
  4. IMO the decommissioning thread should be pinned in legacy windows section, as it's a hot topic. Also helps for newbies to not create a new topic each time windows update shows that 0x80008135hehe error or whatever it is.
  5. Weird. what error did it show btw? Also to rule out obvious things, you selected "Offline mode" before searching, right? I'll recheck it real quick to see if something hasn't been messed up recently.
  6. Even with the 2016 build from MDL? It still works for me with the wsusscan2.cab with dual-signed SHA1 & SHA256.
  7. Wouldn't tell to uninstall. Some programs relies on windows' own crypto lib and the benefit far outweight the cons IMO. also let's make sure somebody else verifies this.
  8. Yup. the 20.12.2016 version still works fine (the ru-board forum post seem to have it crossed-down, probably the author reverted the changes due to that). I got it from here: https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/windows-update-minitool.64939/ also I'll make sure to upload the .cab I used soon.
  9. https://www.techtalk.cc/viewtopic.php?f=1047&t=4211 Seems that somebody also scrapped update links, both the ENU and the ones for your specific language. Also has somebody archived the links from OP (mcinwwl?)
  10. And to think I was going to archive the x86 links that were scrapped by daniel_k! Well the community can always rely on you. By the way, have you crosschecked with what daniel_k's got to see if there are update urls that you didn't get but he did? Just to make sure we get this s*** complete.
  11. I'll upload the july copy that I have mentioned before. But beforehand (just to be sure), have you tried the existing one you have with WUMT gotten from MDL? Couldn't even open the app downloaded from the mirror in majorgeeks so if you have downloaded from here, make sure you download from the original source.
  12. there's that one Microsoft-made tool called application verifier that was used for running XP-only programs for Server 2003. https://www.betaarchive.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2091 I assume that for apps that uses all function calls compatible with 7, but basically has an artificial lock, it should work.
  13. https://github.com/agude/wayback-machine-archiver Been using this to archive the x64 links. so far nothing has been missed from being archived (i think, doesn't hurt to do multiple passes), but if somebody finds a better working alternative, tell me.
  14. slightly stupid idea - if it would actually depend on the files from the windows update agent, then maybe hexedit them to replace each instance of old url to the new one. similar to the trick used to get msn clients connected to custom servers. not sure if this would just be enough, but still.
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