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  1. Yup. the 20.12.2016 version still works fine (the ru-board forum post seem to have it crossed-down, probably the author reverted the changes due to that). I got it from here: https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/windows-update-minitool.64939/ also I'll make sure to upload the .cab I used soon.
  2. https://www.techtalk.cc/viewtopic.php?f=1047&t=4211 Seems that somebody also scrapped update links, both the ENU and the ones for your specific language. Also has somebody archived the links from OP (mcinwwl?)
  3. And to think I was going to archive the x86 links that were scrapped by daniel_k! Well the community can always rely on you. By the way, have you crosschecked with what daniel_k's got to see if there are update urls that you didn't get but he did? Just to make sure we get this s*** complete.
  4. I'll upload the july copy that I have mentioned before. But beforehand (just to be sure), have you tried the existing one you have with WUMT gotten from MDL? Couldn't even open the app downloaded from the mirror in majorgeeks so if you have downloaded from here, make sure you download from the original source.
  5. there's that one Microsoft-made tool called application verifier that was used for running XP-only programs for Server 2003. https://www.betaarchive.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2091 I assume that for apps that uses all function calls compatible with 7, but basically has an artificial lock, it should work.
  6. https://github.com/agude/wayback-machine-archiver Been using this to archive the x64 links. so far nothing has been missed from being archived (i think, doesn't hurt to do multiple passes), but if somebody finds a better working alternative, tell me.
  7. slightly stupid idea - if it would actually depend on the files from the windows update agent, then maybe hexedit them to replace each instance of old url to the new one. similar to the trick used to get msn clients connected to custom servers. not sure if this would just be enough, but still.
  8. make sure the cabinet is modified 14 july 2020 and has this SHA1 hash: 5fcdbed0e904f233ccc6de6fe3abac713dac706f
  9. https://anonfiles.com/l7TaX6Kco7/WinXPscrappedDLupdatesmicrosoft_zip scraped download links of installed updates that were detected by Microsoft Update, scrapped by WUMT (might release an another zipfile with the installed ones that were detected by the offline wsusscn2.cab that i mentioned was less). The selected by WU txt (used the namesake option) seems to be the ones that were to satisfy windows update while the all selected txt is all of the updates installed. the pending.txt is the silverlight/mse/windows live stuff. they're nastily ordered cause the WUMT sorting weirdly functioned. pass is the name of site where you're currently on (with the tld on; all lowercase) I suggest to do the same thing for Win2K and vista if it's fully updated (let's assume for vista to the point of official EOL, but is that necessary though, considering daniel_k's scrapped the links already?) Anyway best to save the links to wayback machine/web archive just in case.
  10. Well it's a good thing I scraped the download links of installed updates for a fully updated XP SP3 (with selectall + selected by windows update; I assume the latter option was to satisfy WU). It seems to be redundant considering we have update packs from ryanvm but still. One thing that I add is that checking by been-alive MU resulted into more results of updates installed shown compared to WSUSSCN2.cab file.
  11. What laptop and can you provide the HWIDs for those devices? I'll see if i can fetch the right driver (and dependencies) for them
  12. Yeah the update servers have been back again, but who knows for how long.
  13. It seems to be up once again, but for how long though? Might be the best moment to reverse engineer this s*** while it's still alive, and mirror updates that haven't been archived yet in any form.
  14. Should be OS-agnostic, or to be eexact, for OS supporting Windows Update v6 and up
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