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  1. This is due size of bitmap, that shows "Windows XP... " Don't remove Log off button and bitmap will fit in it's place
  2. Thanks Nuhi! That was the problem for me too
  3. Hi Nuhi Finally I found some time for Vista, wich means "chicken" in my language I have same issue with vLite&AVIRA Antivir combo. It seems to be non hardware specific, but drivers+AV.
  4. YEEAAAAH !!! I was waiting for this all day long Thanks NUHI! Thanks Ryan!
  5. clint -> It's time for You to visit doctor. Maybe he can help to Your mind problems? :wacko:
  6. Happy New Year and thanks alot Nuhi! Gonna test it right now
  7. Spending 15 minutes on the phone every month promising I'm not stealing something I've paid for isn't a stupid reason to make the switch back in my books. Now... can anyone answer my question? I live in Latvia and activation call takes less than 3 minutes
  8. What version of XP do You have? Name of missing file? There IS problem with SP2 over SP1.
  9. Please post lastsession.in file
  10. Start nLiting from scratch. This helps from time to time
  11. That would be most stupid reason to switch from XP to Linux
  12. This can be driver/chipset conflict. In BIOS try to disable FastWrites and SideBanding. To be sure, replace factory thermal compound to Arctic Silver 5. Hope this helps
  13. WMLite10 in plugins setup select plugins path of Your browser. For my computer opera 9 I use path C:\Program Files\Opera 9\program\plugins For me WMlite DOES NOT WORK
  14. Press SHIFT key when welcome window appear. This interrupts autologon. Then select Owner - > Go to Control panel -> User Accounts -> Change Your user privileges and reboot. That's it.
  15. Hi all! I always try to fix problems without help, but this time my knowledge isn't enough I have Fujitsu Siemens Windows XP SP1 OEM distro CD. It contains SP1 hotfixes in svcpack directory, various addons and partial unattended setup. When I try to slipstream SP2, different errors comes out, which depend on way how I integrate SP. For example, during textmode setup following is missing. AMDk6.sys AMDk7.sys arp1394.sys crusoe.sys ks.sys ndisuio.sys nic1394.sys p3.sys parport.sys pid.dll processr.sys (not mis-spelled) sonydcam.sys stream.sys tunmp.sys wzcsapi.dll wzcsvc.dll msh263.drv usbintel.sys ntkrnlpa.exe mouclass.sys Any ideas???
  16. WOW! That's serious sertificate!!! GO FOR IT Good Luck and remember - many people are waiting for Your success
  17. "Vot tas ir pizdec s***aa pateikt!" Way to go Mr. Copperfield
  18. I simply CAN'T stand this stupid name of new OS "VISTA" In my language it means "chicken" It's associates Ms new OS very stupid , yellow chicken
  19. In services section! NEVER remove DHCP if You have notebook
  20. Please post Your Last_Sessoin.ini as attachment
  21. Please post Your Last Session.ini as attachment
  22. It's almost impossible because of el torito CDROM standarts. I wanted to do same thing, but after several months of trying I gave up
  23. jkey

    Thank you nLite

    NLite is what I've searched for long long time Thank You very much mr Dino Nuhagic!
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