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  1. I'm not getting jack-squat for hits. Any ideas?
  2. @CoffeeFiend That DOES look like a cool Starbucks. I love looking up pics of American brands in foreign countries, too. A Navy friend of my sister sent her a gift package for Christmas. We were about to eat the Snickers bars when I noticed they had Arabic written on them!! @cluberti THAT'S specific! What's the name? You got any websites besides cluberti.com? How much traffic do you get?
  3. Thanks for the input, guys! @CoffeeFiend, I had no idea Starbucks in Canada were like McDonald's in Russia! Dude! I looked at the suggestions that both of you make, but all those lines of code have 'themes' and 'premium news' in them. I'm pretty sure trying to skirt around them would break my theme somehow. So, I'm satisfied with the current performance of the webpage as is. Do either of you have your own websites?
  4. K, I'll see what I can do. Thx. Btw, CoffeeFiend, I just posted about free coffee at Starbucks tomorrow... did you know about that one?
  5. PS... Yeah, GoDaddy hosts around 3,000 websites. That's a lot. And I've noticed the speed DOES go up and down at various points in the day. I'm seriously considering a switch. Any suggestions? I've set WP Super Cache to hold pages for 'one hour'. Should I go longer?
  6. Thanks for all the input, guys! (Hey, kel, nice to see you!!) I've installed the following plugins: WP Super Cache - This plugin is supposed to cache pages, as well as compress them (gzip). A quick-check of the source code from the page seems to indicate it's working (I think) Use Google Libraries - To use Google CDN libraries for java, instead of getting the java from Wordpress Are they working well? @CoffeeFiend, cluberti... Do you notice any speed improvements?
  7. I'm using GoDaddy hosting. I've been thinking I might need to switch. However, the page loads up fairly quickly for me here in Houston. Maybe it just needs to be propogated somehow? There's a WordPress plugin called 'W3 Cache' that caches your page. It's supposed to make it faster. I tried it for a day, but it messed up my WordPress theme, lol. What's your connection speed? What's gzip? And... is there really that much javascript? I haven't sniffed around all the WP files yet, so I honestly don't know.
  8. is in the Lazarus pit.

  9. Hi, all! I just started a new website this week, and would REALLY appreciate ANY comments and thoughts from all of you. It's been a while since I've posted here, but I know all of you are an extremely talented and intelligent group of people, and I would truly value your opinions! Also, I may be looking for article contributors. Here's the site: http://skeetabyte.com Thx!!
  10. Yes, actually, according to Wikipedia, most soft drinks made in the USA now use corn syrup in lieu of sugar. So that makes perfect sense. I actually prefer diet myself. I started drinking it because my mom's a diabetic, and whenever I went to visit her, that's all she had. And once you get used to the taste, regular Coke tastes too sweet. But, every now and then.... I get the Jones for a real one!! :P0.
  11. @anonymous_user Yup, that's the one. Thx, dude! Dude, it's been done for almost a month now. It's just fine. The only thing different on the last 3 or 4 RC's has been the activation. That's it. Btw, if anyone wants to discuss Nero 8, I started a new topic here.
  12. @Ach Nice cleanup on the first post! I like the new colors and fonts. Two questions: Why is the new European installer so big? How many languages does it include? And what font are you using in the first post? I think it's the same one that Answers.com uses, but I forget which one it is...
  13. RaGhul

    best programs

    Jeez, opinions are like arseholes... everybody has one!! And you're sure to get a lot of them on this question (opinions, that is.) Me? For HDD, I like these apps: PerfectDisk HD Tune And for CPU/RAM, I use CPU-z and plain old vanilla Task Manager for RAM monitoring. I used to use a few different speed boosters for RAM, but they usually make your PC do funny things, so I've found it better to just add a memory stick. Go buy one. They're dirt cheap right now!!
  14. I'd recommend just making your own XP disk. And while you're at it, you might wanna think twice about mentioning TinyXP again. No warez discussion. It's against MSFN rules.
  15. That would be excellent. PM me if you do.

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