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  1. Does anyone know when other languages of the standard Adobe Reader will be available? I'm waiting for the italian version to come out...
  2. ok here's the solution You have to delete the following value from the registry: Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop Value: UserPreferencesMask Then use the Visual Effects settings in the Control Panel. Reboot. This seem to completely reset the visual "cache"
  3. you just copied and pasted without reading what you currently were about to post. And even without reading what I wrote.
  4. I have the following problem: since I've uninstalled Vista Smoker Pro 1.2, Vista is displaying menu animations as sliding. I would like to go back to fade-in and -out instead. I have checked all the option available in Performance Options > Visual Effects, but that simply does not work. I also wouldn't like to format the HD for this problem.
  5. thanks a lot for having brought this project alive again!
  6. cannot believe the project has been put on a halt. tho I can comprehend the author's motivation. good luck mate.
  7. the button already changes color on that purpose, so there is no need for the rectangle to be there...
  8. Hi XPero, I've just found this. Is it possible to add (or, better, remove ) the same feature to XPize?
  9. Updatepack.nl is unreachable. Any mirror for the Italian version?
  10. You can find already released inno setup scripts.Version doesn't matter to files are updated I've made my own micro installer (finally understand what is "_issi"). It just 16 mb. Thanks, where may I find it? Thanks =)
  11. Has Micro finally been released? I'm waiting for the Italian version, exactly...
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