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  1. Try restart Your PC after each step and test it in virtual machine. This helped me alot in bug findings
  2. Hi all! Nice results! Anyone had tests CPC fully loaded Windows 7 vs elite Windows 7? B) about winsxs: I agree to Jeronimo, but maybe there is a some way to control Winsxs's actions, to reduce CPU and HDD load?
  3. jkey

    Is vlite dead?

  4. BIG list Q: no option to remove compmgmt.msc (i really dont need this) A: this is very sensitive component! DO NOT remove it, because it can cause alot problems! for example , yesterday I found, that broken compmgmt.msc crashed .NET framework software with serious error code. Q: no option to remove dvdplay.exe (im not sure if this got added into my cd or what... ) A: try to remove this file in remove box. but be carefull if You use Windows Media Player to open DVD Video Disc. Q: i removed all languages, and still alot of code page files/keys are kept, and there are *.nls, kanji_1.uce, korean.uce etc. files A: I'll try to find solution for this Q: what is wpa.dbl file? A: Windows Product Activation Database file. It stores information about Your computer activation status and hardware changes at each logon. Q: what are .mui files? i see a folder scripting but i disabled/removed all scripting. A: I'm not 100% sure, but I think these files is for Multilingual User Interface. If You use only Windows English Interface, it's useless Q: do we really need the system folder with only a winspool.drv? (is this from 16 bit support, then its not removed?) A: if You use printer, better leave this file as is. Every printer - even oldest and even supermodern notyetreleased printer can ask this file to work correctly. Q: no option to remove Themes service. A: There is option to remove it. But removal of THEMES SERVICE REALLY SLOWS EVERY PC!!!!! If You simply disable this service, it's OK! Q: no option to disable visual styles applied on the gui A: I saw somewhere in this forum XP visual style transformation to WIN2000 style. Q: no option to remove the lastgood state bit thingy.. A: this is very very useful thingy, if Your XP does not start after broken or incompatible driver installed! Hope it will help You!
  5. please post LAST last session.ini with drivers
  6. Thanks for lightening this awful piece of bloatware btw All download links in Your homepage is broken
  7. please post Your last session.ini as attachment.
  8. I can confirm this too! Notebook: ACER Extensa 5220/5620
  9. Please post Your last session.ini as attachment
  10. Lord of The IronSoft Mr. Nuhagic did IT! AGAIN! Vista (means chicken in Latvian) ISO 321MB, Windows folder 670MB sounds incredible....almost impossible :thumbup Who's The MAN? Sign here ..........

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