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  1. Apparently someone has modified those drivers for Windows 7 and the are supposed to work on 8.1 too. https://winraid.level1techs.com/t/intel-uhd-graphics-630-video-driver-for-win7-x64/33098/353?u=moline I know nothing about them so use on your own risk.
  2. Since Windows 8.0 .NET Framework are being installed using Windows Update .cab packages which are designed for specific OS builds and not build-neutral .msi installers. So it's kind of like with Windows 8.0 (both did't receive any update past 4.6.2) except that 8.0 had a Server equivalent with the same build number while 1511 does not. If you know how to install Windows updates on Windows version with different build numbers then please let me know, that would be a huge breakthrough! EDIT: Apparently this has already been achieved
  3. No, more like 1-3%. I remember I've had a similar problem with a fresh Windows 8 installation where after like 5 minutes of idle time the "system" process would use 30% of CPU until you click a mouse button or do just about anything. It stopped the next day, so likely some kind of post-installation schedule thing.
  4. Basically these are the key differences: Advantages of 1511 over 1607: Arguably better start menu layout and cortana in start menu search can be easly disabled Less strict driver signing requirements https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Windows-Hardware-Certification/Driver-Signing-changes-in-Windows-10-version-1607/ba-p/364894 so it should be easier to mod new nvidia drivers for this version. According to this article if you have disabled Secure Boot you are unaffected Disadvantages: No LTSB version .NET Framework 4 is limited to 4.6.2. Most developers have already moved to .NET 5+ versions which do work. I haven't done any performance tests
  5. Version 119 still works on Threshold 2 (1511) is it is and can be modded to work on 1507
  6. Yes, It looks like it can be easily patched for 1507 too (idk for how long as this post was about 118)
  7. I also don't install those Windows Update updates, maybe I used a wrong terminology but 1511 is to 1507 what 8.1 is to 8.0, just with much less changes
  8. 1511 was a minor update to 1507 (not beta) and that's what I have available right now. I guess it introduced that one function needed for Chromium. While the chromium team is then inconsequential in supporting all Windows 10 (supported by MS) versions, at least they have Server 2016 specifically listed on the website with no deprecation date scheduled. OP's preferred version was 1607 (same as Server 2016).
  9. Chromium 119 still works on Threshold2 (1511) Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2015 based on the original RTM of Windows 10 is going to be supported till October 2025 https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/lifecycle/products/windows-10-2015-ltsb So if the chromium devs keep supporting what M$ does, then you have 2 another years. And also it doesn't look like they are going to drop Server 2016 very soon https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/7100626?hl=en
  10. No it's another name for x64 architecture which was first created by AMD and later adopted by Intel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X86-64 The Intel64 aka ia64 stands for Intel Itanium CPUs which were discontinued, so modern 64-bit ones are all AMD64
  11. In the picture you posted there is a MSI motherboard's bios menu and the UEFI text before the hard disk name signalizes how the MB's software will try to boot from it and does not refer to the hard disk itself for which you will get both boot options regardless of whether this hard drive contains efi or lecagy bootloader (or none).
  12. Of course you have to kill the running service first, ether by running this command in services.msc just like you don't delete a file in use. Assumed this is obvious as this was the next step what you should do after disabling the service in services.msc if that's not enough . This is more of a newbie question though, so perhaps I should also be more specific that wuauserv is stored in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\wuauserv not HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services and you don't need to export&import all the services.
  13. If it does, then run sc delete wuauserv this command removes this service from the registry completely, so some entry in task scheduler or similar won't be able to turn it on. If you later decide you want it back for some reason you can restore the registry from a clean Windows 10 installation. Services are in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services
  14. I think stopping and setting startup of Windows Update service (wuauserv) to disabled in services.msc should be enough to stop updates
  15. Hi, I'm going to present a Windows Vista feature (also XP and 2000) that I really miss in 7+: Start by dragging the Computer folder from the desktop (or if it's not there from start menu) to the edge of the screen, preferably top one. Right click it and remove show title checkbox Decrease it's size Adjust it's features as you want: either select auto-hide or always on top Aside from opening your partitions if file explorer the MyComputer bar allows you to hover over them to see available space and safely remove flash drives with right-click menu. This functionality is not limited to the Computer folder, you can actually pin and use Control Panel and other folders the same way.
  16. With Windows 11 the situation is kind of opposite to Vista's. 11 has artificially increased hardware requirements, while the recommended 1GHz and 1GB ram was definitely not enough to run Vista smoothly. It was actually Windows 10 that was pushed into old hardware (especially with magnetic HDDs where it run terribly bad). So the strategy of marketing the OS as "super premium" for hi-spec PCs only would make much more sense in 2007 with all that shiny Aero Glass and Gadgets than it does now.
  17. Why 1809? Chromium 117 works even on TH2 version (1511). So maybe this API is not needed after all
  18. What I know for sure is that my i5-12600 does not have e-cores and does have integrated graphics (I disablled it in BIOS though) and it is actually the main reason why I bought it. Windows Vista/7/8 has no idea how to manage those dual cpus and according to this article: https://www.hwcooling.net/en/test-disabling-small-e-and-big-p-cores-of-the-core-i9-12900k/3/ disabling e-cores on high-end Alder Lake CPUs leads to terrible power efficiancy, so I went for the best CPU with the classic core layout. Of course I could go AMD (I've always been an AMD fan actually) but 7000 series has security issues - Microsoft Pluton and 5000 serises is DDR4 - only
  19. Cyberpunk unfortunately no longer supports Windows 7: https://support.gog.com/hc/en-us/articles/4406451546781
  20. This makes very little difference, because I'm almost sure that to install all the useful updates (like platform updates) and those for the extended kernel you need to install sp1 and sp2 first and even if you don't, all your system files will get updated and won't be anything like those RTM ones. So it doesn't really matter what iso you choose to install Vista as long as it is not broken and preferably original. If it works on fresh XP and Vista sp2 then it should also work on Vista RTM :) I think native hd audio support had already been introduced by the time RTM was released, but you probably don't need this sound card before updating your Windows anyway
  21. Of course Google and Microsoft are well established in EU as well, so data gathered from an individual who lives there using Google Chrome are more meaningful than those gathered by some Chinese Chromium fork.
  22. Supposing you were living in country X which has a government that does some shady practices and you had to choose between using spyware programs from country X or country Y (that does similar stuff), from a privacy/security perspective it would be reasonable to use the one from country Y as you would care less about them having your data. I'm not implying that USA or Germany are anything like that and also no politics here, but still software patriotism doesn't really makes sense to me (Aside from maybe supporting local developers as you would a sport team)
  23. Perhaps it is disabled by default only on Server versions But even with this enabled anything newer than Vista feels slow on HDD (and Windows 10 is nearly unusable). This setting is also present in Vista so there are definitely more factors that make HDD run slower on new Windows versions.
  24. Try installing it manually as described in the guide and skip 32-bit files as many users reported problems with them. I would also recommend to install the March 6 version, not March 9 because it is more stable.

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