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  1. just wanted to ask. did you install ie 5.5 from a standalone installer by any chance? because if you installed ie 5.5 through windows update then i think you should have 1 more inventory system in there for ie 5.0 which we could've grabbed. thanks for sharing the files, they seem to be up to january 2005 which wayback machine has not archived (the bm and inv files). if windows nt 4.0 server and workstation are unified in the inventory files then i think we got the latest inventory system for both of them. theres still windows nt 4.0 embedded but im not sure if windows update v3.1 or v3.2 supported it or if anybody even used it (Note: it ended support at a much later date than the above according to some source). the exe file is the update file that windows update would request and the ".ci$" file is the cif file corresponding to it which is also important (cif files are used to do installation of the updates). please send those files too, it seems like we dont really have those files.
  2. if any of you had old windows 9x/ME/NT installations and you have used windows update in the past before it was shut down in august 2011 then please try to dig up these hard drives and look for a folder called "WindowsUpdate" in c:\program files\ even if you dont remember using windows update just check if they do have the folder incase it may contain something very important. if you do find the folder "WindowsUpdate" then please upload the entire folder to us in a zip, rar, or 7z file. (what matters is that you upload the files) this includes installations of windows 98 (both first edition and second edition), windows 95, windows me, windows 2000, and lastly windows nt 4.0. chances are there could be very important files that wayback machine unfortunately could not recover or archive. i would appreciate it and it could help alot especially if it contains bm, inv, and gng files inside the folder. it includes inventory system and files very important for checking updates.
  3. i was just wondering because if it requires a proxy then i assume it might not work with anything earlier than windows 2000. not saying that proxhttpsproxy wont work with anything lower than windows 2000 though, i dont know about that yet. edit: windows 98 se by default has 40 bit cipher strength so it will not work out of the box with the proxy. you'll need at minimum 128-bit encryption for it to work. i installed ie 6 which had 128-bit encryption and then the proxy finally started working.
  4. is proxhttpsproxy v1.3a required to get this working? i see https connections but does this work without it? if not, then are there plans to get this working without the proxy?
  5. i did read but it didnt seem clear enough to me unfortunately. anyways, renaming the certs folder is just another way to fix the problem but its unnecessary as you said and i agree. i dont want to tell people to delete stuff in case it leads to user error/mistakes.
  6. sorry for that, i have edited the post hopefully so it makes it clear to other people. i mentioned proxhttpsproxy v1.3a for a reason and i didnt mention that newer versions have this issue so this may not apply to newer versions. proxhttpsproxy v1.3a doesnt seem to force-reset the certs or replace the certs if they are invalid. you can create a junk file and replace one of the .crt files and proxhttpsproxy v1.3a will simply error at the access of a website with the invalid certificate.
  7. if that didnt help then maybe you have bad sectors? check your hdd with crystal disk info and look if theres any raw values from reallocated sector count. according to some old post here in this thread, if you have office 2010 installed then check if you have KB4484373 and KB4484458 installed then try uninstalling them. problems anyone experiences when using windows update may not always be the fault of proxhttpsproxy v1.3a so check exactly what you have done before it failed. that is if deleting the certs folder didnt fix the problem (i tried corrupting the certificate and was able to get several error codes which could also be caused from other various reasons so it may not be obvious that deleting the certs folder will fix the issue).
  8. you might be out of disk space. if not then try renaming softwaredistribution folder in c:\windows to something else.
  9. well, somebody could still benefit from what i posted assuming nobody came across this issue and shared a workaround. it could also still apply to vista because the problem is from certificate files being created improperly inside the certs folder, it has nothing to do with windows.
  10. are you sure its 0xC00042D? i dont think that error code exists. you might mean 0xC800042D and i've taken this from a website so hopefully it says something to you. "WHEN 'C800042D' THEN hrVersionStoreOutOfMemory: Generally reported when the WUA is unable to update %WINDIR%\\SoftwareDistribution folder."
  11. what are you referring to? is it the visual c++ 2008 installer or the other? im pretty sure that for windows 2000 sp3, you needed to install kb835732 or visual c++ 2008 installer wont run due to missing functions. windows 2000 sp4 has the same error, just tested it under a fresh install so you still need kb835732 or update rollup 1. im only stating the other solution cause it took me a while to figure out nothing was actually wrong with my windows xp installation and i wanted to give a clue to anyone getting similar problems. this happened to me multiple times and each time, i would be utterly confused. in fact just recently, proxhttpsproxy v1.3a somehow created a corrupt certificate and both windows update and microsoft update was spitting out invalid certificate authority errors (forgot the error code, i think it was 0x80072F0C) until i just remembered i had a similar issue and renamed the certs folder.
  12. in windows 2000 sp3/sp4, you might need to install kb835732 or update roll up 1 to be able to run the visual c++ 2008 installer. (below comment is not related to windows 2000) for those of you that had proxhttpsproxy v1.3a previously working and now isnt. you might need to rename certs folder to something else so that it creates another certs folder with non-corrupt certificates. proxyhttpsproxy v1.3a can create non-working certificates especially if you close it unwarrantedly or you had a bsod (happened to me).
  13. windows xp x64 and windows server 2003 x86 doesnt seem to have this problem although the polling rate is still an issue there. it seems faster and its unfortunately at the expense of 16 bit support but theres another bummer. i dont have working ethernet drivers for my motherboard on windows xp x64. i always get "this device cannot start" error code 10 although the 32 bit driver works on windows xp 32 bit, the 64 bit doesnt. i have PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_15A1&CC_0200 if anyone is concerned. UPDATE:i may have found a short term fix for now (not for the polling rate issue). setting sound scheme in windows xp x32 to no sounds seems to fix this problem. setting it back brings it back. windows media player, or the dpc latency might be the problem here. hdd might also be causing problems too but i kind of doubt it, i had xp booted up on external usb hard drive but it was on usb 2.0 (i was not able to get usb 3.0 drivers working for windows xp unfortunately) and i think i had the same symptoms. external hdd has apm set to 80h. internal hdd has apm set to 01h but i have set a script so that it writes to a file every 4 seconds so that it doesnt spin down, load/unload cycles doesnt increase. so apm might not be the problem. internal 5400 rpm hdd has a read/write speed of about 90-110 mb/s while external hdd 5400 rpm has 30 mb/s because of it running under usb. it kind of baffles me why windows xp would ever be running slow if my computer isnt the problem.. also, i forgot to mention that windows xp sp1/windows server 2003 rtm doesnt have the polling rate issue but mouse feels a little delayed. the problem with the sound driver still exists causing the same freezes (referring to windows xp sp1, windows server 2003 doesnt have this issue at all). im starting to think that the sound driver issue may just be a symptom of a much bigger issue. i noticed these issues worsen when i ahve the nvidia driver installed (they become frequent).
  14. something is odd. i used hidusbf to overclock the polling rate. but polling rate always gets cut in half. games dont feel nice to move with 62 hz or in general, using 250 hz brings it back to 125hz and it feels normal. i use 125hz as default, mouse rate checker reports 62 hz instead. i use 250 hz, mouse rate checker reports 125 hz. etc and etc.
  15. https://imgur.com/jvKWFxy polling rate is still going up to 8khz polling rate issue still exists regardless of whether hd audio driver is installed or not. its just that windows xp gets unstable and starts having an issue loading things when its using all my cores after installing hd audio driver.
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