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  1. It is the fifth time that I use WSUS and it downloads 14 GB of updates that have nothing to do with Office. I have an ISO of WSUS v10.9.2 that has some Office 2007 updates. But the executable is not compatible with Windows XP and I could not install the updates without that program. Wait for you to download Office? Won't it be server problems? Besides, another program that seems to have Office 2007 updates is the AutoPatcher. But they don't download all of them because the program has connection failures. Unfortunately it is necessary to use windows update or the windows catalog.
  2. Was it compatible? I thought not, anyway. I tried again and did not download any update to office 2007. I will have to download them from Windows each time I install SP3.
  3. There is Otter Browser who were part of the original creators. Use the webkit engine, not blink. The last time you use it, it lacks immense development.
  4. 9.2.1 Last compatible with Windows XP
  5. Thank you for responding, but I was unable to download any offline updates other than the Windows catalog. Try again with the WSUS and the same as before. Luckily I already have SP3 installed and unfortunately I will have to update it to the old one, through Windows Update.
  6. Hello people! First of all I apologize if this topic does not belong in this section. I am really frustrated and need your help. I need to download Office 2007 updates. Please try WUSU Offline but your installer is not compatible with Windows XP. I tried several more times, it asked me for a file to create ISOs, I create the image. But when I saw the file I was surprised 14 GB! How is it possible? Apparently download anything, updates 8.1, 10, etc, etc. I don't know if the servers are still active, but I just updated Windows XP from Windows Update and it worked. What I'm going to do is if
  7. Thank you, I installed it but I had not paid attention. It is the best of all extensions and is apparently lightweight.
  8. These days I had to install Windows XP on my Intel Atom N270. A couple of years ago I was able to navigate with Windows 7 but now neither with 7 and 8.1 One hell, no browser had a decent performance. I am sailing with the SRWare Iron 49 (with updated certificates) and the performance is excellent. Use Mypal and it is wonderful what they have done, but it will take a little more polishing performance. Also try the 360 11xx and 12xx browsers. And I must say that version 12 on youtube has considerable lag. Of course, they use different versions of chrome, but the idea of using Windows XP is b
  9. From the chrome itself it allows you to export the certificates. With extension .ssrt and you also import it from the browser. In my case export all.
  10. Hello everyone! First of all, I apologize for my English. In my google search I came across this page and I found the topic to be very interesting. I tell you my experience when browsing with Windows XP. Firstly the supported browsers were: Mozilla Firefox 52.9.0 with uBlock Origin v1.17.4 Firefox (addons signature must be disabled from about: config) and SRWare Iron 49.0.2600.0 with uBlock Origin v1.16.20. For SRWare to work I had to install the certificates, I put the certificates of my Windows 10 and perfect. In both navigation without problem, youtube works very well like the other pag
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