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  1. Anyhow, uninstalled them and turned off updates for other M$ products. So that's it. I am done with them. My laptop has a smaller hard drive and don't want to fill it up with unwanted updates that have to be scanned for viruses, defragged, may have issues and may kill my nice running PC.
  2. So maybe I should go buy a boat just in case I ever need to use one then I will have one parked in my driveway. Maybe a hang glider too. Ya never know when you want to go jump off a cliff. Anyhow I don't understand your thinking but there's a lot of things I don't understand about life like people that follow politics. We won't go there though. Anyhow thanks.
  3. So when the Updates come in for Office I was looking at them the other day and it put about 12 updates onto my computer so I don't know what you mean by they will not update Office '07. They just keep loading them on. Do you think I want to take time out of my day to uninstall 12 updates. No I don't. To me it's more things to go wrong. I rarely even use Word. On this computer I'm talking about I don't even have any Word documents on it at all. Do you think I need Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc. updates? I just think it's wrong and I wish someone over there at M$ would update their whole idea on how to proceed with this update program.
  4. So I did uninstall everything but Word and I did an update again and again it started to download Junk Mail fixes for Outlook and other stuff that I do not use. So I just went into Update settings and shut off Received updates for other Microsoft products when you update Windows. Shut that bugger right off! Then did an update and they did not come in. What a hassle! Ok, I want to see you put some more ram into that computer of yours too! I remember back in the XP days when someone I met had a map program on his computer and he told me he had a gig of memory on his computer. I thought that was something. 1 GB, wow! What a machine! I have just put and extra 4 GB stick into my 8 GB computer for 12 Gigs now, yes, righteeo says Felix the katt. I just have bags and bags of memory in my drawer. I may of well use it huh?
  5. Yeah, just got the updates on as usual. I take them all. So what I did is to uninstall the ones from Office I did not want. But only a tech would do that. Tell me, when you gonna get a haircut? And why are you triple booting your computer.
  6. Can I drop off my old non-running pickup at your front door?
  7. So maybe we should run over to Microsoft and dump off our dirty underwear just in case they may need a rag or two to clean something. I got some tools in my garage that maybe I can dump off on their doorstop as well. My neighbor has a broken down car that has been sitting there for years. Maybe we should tow it over to Microsoft's parking lot and leave it for them just in case they could use something like that. Microsoft, are you listening?
  8. I am using Office 2007. Yes I can go to Office in Programs in Control panel and remove items I don't want. Anyhow still doesn't answer my question about why I am getting all those updates that I don't have. Can't Updates look at the system and see what I have? Other downloads can look at your system and tell if you have 64 bit and what version of Windows you have so why can't Microsoft Updates be more exact to what my system has on it? Stupid! I don't know if this is a mistake in their system or they are control freaks that think they know what I need. Or don't need but they want to put their footprint on my computer even deeper. Fools!
  9. I only have Word on this computer. Did an Update for all Microsoft products and I got some Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Publisher, Access, One Note, Script Editor, InfoPath. And what's with this Adobe Flash Player? Isn't that gone now? Anyhow I don't like Microsoft putting all this stuff on my computer for their own stupid reason and filling up my registry with crap I will never use. I don't need this stuff, I hardly even use Word, it's more stuff to go wrong, it's more stuff to scan for when doing a virus scan or defrag. Why is Microsoft setting me up for something I cannot use? Are they just setting themselves up on my computer for their own gain? What's with these guys? There is no place for me to checkmark that I don't want these during an update. They should not be putting more work into my computing like: Me trying to figure out what they are doing, me trying to uninstall these things, and making me do research to see why they are doing these things. Do I go to Microsoft and give them a shovel and rake and say that they need this, so take this even though they don't want it? Is this a control thing? Anyone know the real answer for this? I don't need any shared crap for my office either.
  10. I have two laptops that are working fine with the update. I just had to adjust the touchpad for the task view issue though since I updated that one to V. 2004
  11. Wha, wha wha wha what? ! Tell me, are you a cyborg? Just curious.
  12. The year has nothing to do with this topic. 2004 is a version number that I had an issue with. What does the year 2004 have to do with my issue? Am I missing something?
  13. Wha, wha, what? I read that three times and gave up to figure out what that means.
  14. I did two 2004 updates on 2 Dell Latitudes and they seem to work the same as they did before the update. So all is well with my two Dells, so far. One was maybe 6 years old as well.

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