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  1. On 4/1/14 I just downloaded the new interface of Malwarebytes and did an update and scan. It found this trojan.fakeAV and it shows in the AppData folder is where it resides and is called Toolbar AcceptRate.exe So what is this and why did it come in from a antispyware company? BTW. Just did three computers in the past 1/2 hour and the same thing came up on all three. I got the program from FileHippo. And this ain't any April Fools Joke. This means that it came in from Malwarebytes.
  2. Screen Resolution

    Went out an bought a 24" screen flat panel and plugged that into the dock and everything is alright now and is customizable. Some of these D630s also have the Intel Crestline graphics cards too. I guess they are better than the Nvidia Quatro.
  3. Username missing

    If you are speaking in code then others have to read your reply over and over again to understand it. It actually makes a person look like he can't spell or write a correct sentence. If a person cannot write a complete understandable question or can't spell then others will not take them seriously. I try my best to write correctly and sometimes I read my writings again and see that I have left out words or spelled words wrong. I then feel that I have misled someone because of how I wrongly used words and feel like a clown. Anyhow I am not complaining but I just read your reply three times to understand it. I don't have that kind of time.
  4. Username missing

    XP as I said and it worked 7 also, but do not know if it works for 7Home-Edition and I did´n try @ Vista @ all but it is treated yourself to have a try R U Speaking in code?
  5. Username missing

    Is this with XP, Vista and Windows 7 this control userpasswords2 ???
  6. Vibrant pop-ups

    Ok, looks like it worked.
  7. Vibrant pop-ups

    forjonny, you are a sponsor. Ok, I'm a sponsor. Do you think they will not show up now? Let me try some key words: computer, linksys, symantec, netgear, apple, router, charter, verizon. Let's see what happens now.
  8. Vibrant pop-ups

    I did not put these advertisement popups on my posts so where did they come from? The site itself? I don't appreciate that because I hate these annoying popouts more than anything and I don't want to be a part of them. I did not write my post to include them.
  9. Username missing

    My wife had just switched her duplicate laptop in the dock and I was on the one with one username instead of two. She has a back up laptop that is the same model. So I had a little issue with getting the two screens to do what I wanted but the username thing is no longer a part of this post. Different computer. Anyhow I extended the screen to the extra monitor and was able to manipulate it. It was stuck on 640x480 and would no go any higher.
  10. Screen Resolution

    With a Latitude D630 and a docking station I have an extra monitor. The Latitude has it's own resolution which I can change but the extra monitor stays at 640X800 or whatever Safe Mode gives you. I can pull the slider to higher resolutions but when I apply it then it snaps back to 640x480. I had another monitor on it last week and this monitor did whatever I wanted it to do. The video card is the Nvidia Quadro on the laptop. Why won't the resolution stay even up to 1024x768?
  11. Spyware on entire drive

    Just talked to Malwarebytes forum moderator from an email not from the forum and this is what he told me about using Malwarebytes. Here is the Q+A: Tom M., Mar-05 12:17 (PST): Q: What is the proper way to scan a computer with multiple usernames on it with MWB? A: Hello and welcome to the Malwarebytes consumer helpdesk. Thank you for choosing Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware as your malware security solution, my name is Tom M. and I'll be assisting you today. Malwarebytes will scan all user profiles. Always scan in normal mode using the default quick scan option. Malwarebytes does not recommend full scans to search for malware. Our scan engine is configured to find all the places malware loads in memory and hides from conventional scanners in the default quick scan option. Q: So what are the full scans for anyway or when will you this full scan? A: Full scans are for new external devices or to look for minor non threat remnants which will not be of any consequence to the system.
  12. Spyware on entire drive

    Try this again. Ok, now, Within Windows Explorer------------if I right click on their user profile folder and choose to scan this way ------------will that scan completely that profile? Again: With Malwarebytes installed you will have an icon if you right click on any folder on your computer and you choose to "Scan With Malwarebytes" Again, so if I do a complete MWB scan will it be best to do this scanning of the other profiles folder. Or should it be better to actually log into this profile and do the scan this way. Or am I repeating a scan of the rest of the computer twice this way. What I don't want to do is to do a complete scan then log out and log into another profile and scan again then go into another profile and scan again. This is with three profiles of course. I am thinking that a complete scan will do the entire computer but neglecting a particular user profile that I am not logged into. Windows is not loaded or copied three times just because it has three people using the computer with their own profiles.
  13. Spyware on entire drive

    Just don't want any malware to spread itself around all accounts. Now what if you went into Windows Explorer and right clicked on each account and scanned that folder as well as the main folder. Programs like Malwarebytes have an icon if you right click on a folder and you can set a scan going just for that folder. I did that and it did scan each individual username folder. Sometimes I take out the drive and slave it to another computer via usb cord and do scans. Now the other day I did a SAS scan externally this way and found around 20 bugs. I then put the hard drive back into the laptop that it came from and did an SAS scan again within the computer itself. SAS then found around 60 more bugs. So what does this tell us about external scans?
  14. I have three names or username logins on my Windows Vista computer. Do I have to go to each username, update and scan those profiles from within their profile with their own desktop? Or can I go into Windows Explore and scan their user profile folder? Or can I just go into my own user profile and that will scan the whole entire computer with all the usernames?