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  1. Wha, wha, what? I read that three times and gave up to figure out what that means.
  2. I did two 2004 updates on 2 Dell Latitudes and they seem to work the same as they did before the update. So all is well with my two Dells, so far. One was maybe 6 years old as well.
  3. I fixed it but turning off scrolling on my touchpad and now it doesn't shrink up the screens I am using for the stupid Task View capability.
  4. I did have one computer that told me I had the update out of 8 Windows 10 computers that I have. I did the update to the 2004 and it is running normal except that it seems to turn on the Task View thingy and shrinks up my opened programs into small windows on the screen. If you know what Task View is then you will know what I mean. For example. I have Word open and Chrome(this is on a laptop). So what happens is that I have Word open and I open up Chrome and my finger moves on the touchpad to the right and Word and Chrome shrinks up to two 3X3" boxes on the left upper side of my screen. I do not have the Task View on my Taskbar because I don't use it and I had removed it. But with this new update the Task View works like it is initiated. It usually shows up on the Task Bar as it's own icon. My icon is not there but the Task View is working it's magic and ignorring if it is on or off. I hope this makes sense. It only happens on the laptop that I updated to 2004. My other computers are not showing me that I can download the update yet. This is very annoying when you are trying to get something done on your computer.
  5. I looked at installed updates and I am getting updates for parts of Office I don't have. I have Office 10 and am getting updates for Visio Viewer, Outlook, One Note and Info Path. I have not put these programs on my Office when I customized. So why would Windows 10 give me these updates. I only installed Word, Excel, Picture Manager and PowerPoint.
  6. Thanks, I do use Defender and Malwarebytes and on some computers I use Superantispyware too. I have 6 computers.
  7. I have it on my PC and I got Office 10. Anyhow it is fixed so far. Wait until Windows 10 gets another monkey up it's a** though.
  8. I did this and think I fixed it. Add an Allowed App through Controlled Folder Access in Windows Defender Security Center. One of things I added was something related to Office called: OIS.exe and then I went to my picture and did an edit and saved it as normal. What a hassel to take a week to figure this out! There is a tutorial here: https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/113430-add-remove-allowed-apps-controlled-folder-access-windows-10-a.html I had to add chkdsk to this list so I could check external hard drives for errors because my chkdsk would not complete. Now, can I scream?
  9. Wow, worked for me, fantastic, spent so much time on this too. Worked right away as soon as I turned this off.
  10. I am not running any antivirus software, just defender. I am running these computers clean. Note that I have a laptop and desktop with Windows 10 and neither one of these computers will do a chkdsk driveletter: /f /r on these external drives. Tried 3 drives on two different Windows 10 computers with the same result. And the result is: An unspecified error occurred (Random numbers) Also I have tested these drives before and they had no bad sectors. I then put a date on them when I scanned them so I am not worried about if the drives are good. They read good. I am just wondering why Windows 10 gives these messages and my Windows 7 does not and does the full scan. So I guess that rules that out. Ok, I just tried something else. I can do a chkdsk D: which is the external drive letter but when I add a switch like /r or /f or both is when I get this error message in the dos window. So something is prevented Win 10 from letting me use the switch on these mechanical drives.
  11. Just tried three other drives on the same computer. A 1 TB, a 250 GB and a 320 GB drive with same results. There must be a way of checking an external hard drive on Windows 10 so I can dump my Windows 7 computer. I am talking about the chkdsk command not a hd utility.
  12. Just did it on my Windows 10 without the /r and still the same message. I even tried the /x command. I have tried it in both cmd programs, admin and normal. I also tried it in all my powershell programs and same result. Windows 7 runs it as normal and smooth. Try to YouTube this problem, no one can address this problem. I haven't tried it in Windows 10 safe mode and I shouldn't have to. What I have to keep a Windows 7 computer around so I can do a chkdsk of hard drives?
  13. I am in Windows 10. Ya know the most corrupt OS ever built. Can't even do a chkdsk on external HDs on this stupid OS. My Win 7 will though. Anyhow I have a zillion pictures so I want them all to be editable. Some though I have no problem, cropping and then saving or any editing. Some that I have worked with before now cannot be edited. I used to have these pictures on my Windows 7 computer. Copied them to my external, put them on Windows 10 and now I have issues. What is wrong with Microsoft? I don't have the time or knowledge to fix their OS, I mean Service.
  14. I get this message on my computer with Windows 10 when I try to dock a hard drive in my EZ-Dock and I do a Chkdsk D: /f /r The number (766f6c756d652e63 3f1) is different than the one that you see in the title of this topic though. Anyhow I get this on all my chkdsks of any hard drive I check. Could not figure out how to fix this problem and read somewhere that it may be Windows 10. I took it to my Windows 7 computer and it completely runs normal and goes thru the 5 steps of chkdsk. If anyone wants to lemme know what's going on then it will help others. I do all my Windows 10 Pro updates. Got an i-5 Quad with a SSD and 12 GB of ram on this Dell Optiplex so that's my specs. Anyone know what's going on?
  15. The pictures I have had for years I cannot edit. I can save them to my desktop and the computer does not argue with that. I had the pictures on Windows 7 and now I have 10 and these photos cannot be edited at all. The message is this when I try to do any kind of edit. "This .jpg already exists and is read only. You can save the file with another name or to another location" Anyhow when I right clicked on the jpeg it does not have a checkmark in the Read only box but Windows says it is read only. Never had any issues with these .jpgs before. I was getting the same message with some .docs that were created in Word as well. If I hit Don't save then the no editing has happened and the photo closes. I am opening them with Microsoft Office 2010 Picture Manager. Don't know why this is happening. Note: I just opened this one jpeg in Paint and added a caption and it did save that. I then opened it in Microsoft Office 2010 Picture Manager and did a simple crop to see if I could save it and got the same stupid error message. So I had to hit Don't Save again. But whatever I did in Paint it was on the image though. Last edited by jonnyb; Today at 02:22 PM.
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