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  1. If Telegram was controlled by the FSB, would the Russian authorities have intercepted the SMS to gain access to an opposition activist's account? This was followed by a media scandal. It would be much easier to read quietly on the server. Pavel Durov left Russia long ago.
  2. Congratulations on the anniversary. Windows XP was my first system, since I had a computer. I have used it most of my life: 2005-2012 Windows XP 2012-2015 Windows 7 x64 2015-2017 Windows XP 2017-2021 Xubuntu 16.04 x86 And now I miss Windows (XP) again. Do you encode H.264 on Linux with HandBrake? Unfortunately, HandBrake stopped supporting Windows XP and x86 architecture very early. But there is other software. And I compiled a fresh console x264.exe that works on Windows XP.

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