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  1. That's pretty awesome stuff :3 anyhow... yeah it's still good a company does provide definition updates for older systems to keep them going (and for both people and businesses that's a good thing)
  2. Realtek cards perform poorly anyways (aside from the RTL8192EU), I'd definitely go for the Atheros 500x series of cards which seem to be the newest and only WPA2 supporting cards for 98SE/ME.
  3. @FranceBB Didn't you used to work for Avast a few years ago (or am i thinking of a different individual that was around xpforums in 2015) ? While I don't particularly like Avast in general (after the CCleaner incident) I do appreciate that they will keep it updated
  4. We're lucky MS didn't pull the plug early on POSReady 2009 after realising the patches could easily be detected on XP SP3 given how controversial they're still being with forcing Windows 10 down our throats...
  5. We'd have to get probably some thousands signatures for Mozilla to actually listen, though. Us 30+ people alone are not just the main powers and also, a lot of people believe the XP/Vista FUD that has been spread since Vista EOL and even before...
  6. Mypal is the only usable one that has both a binary and portable option (important to me because I don't want IE as default browser), and works just fine for me, so I'll go with it! ^^
  7. Can someone try it with JS disabled? I can load it on a PS3 just fine with JS disabled (if I use a proxy) which uses a very old and early WebKit version... Only problem is that I can't edit posts from there
  8. I still buy CDs online, because I like to have a physical copy that I can rip to whatever format I like directly from it rather than either relying on wasting mobile data through streaming sites or resorting to YouTube rips from Russian MP3 websites... I have all but two of Feeder's albums for instance on CD
  9. Nice to know and thanks for confirming! ^^
  10. I don't understand why anyone would use such an old version of Chrome, Chrome is famously notorious for its CPU/RAM usage and general rot after a while of usage, even compared to Firefox... but I'll not judge... This experiment is quite interesting however...
  11. @WinClient5270 Cool, thanks for that: I wasn't aware that I needed to change a different part for x64 Windows, it's not said in the tutorial.
  12. Yeah, that'd be pretty awesome too! Seconded. Thanks for providing all these contributions at no cost... I owe it to everyone keeping XP/Vista alive in these dark times ^^
  13. Same, I hardly ever use voice. And I wonder, should we have an unofficial MSFN Discord if enough people want it

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