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  1. Don't want to sound rude or anything, but why you don't want to switch to 8.1? I think the're the same os, but 8.1 has start button
  2. I finally got to reinstalling my Vista copy. Something broke during my extended kernel testing and my installation is really unstable. My questions are: 1) How to update vista up until the EOL (2017) (Most preferably automatically so I don't have to click on 100 msu files) 2) I've seen a lot of complaints about .net. Is it working fine without WU servers? 3) What browser is most functional on Vista with extended kernel? (chrome 86/Firefox etc..)
  3. This does not work since october or november (can't tell exactly) 2019.
  4. Windows 8.1 does this as well. I really hate Windows 10 UI in general. I like aero, but I also like colorful borders that Windows 8.1 has. Windows 10 is just ugly.
  5. I would like to, but Windows 8.1 keeps "repairing" my hdd containing Windows 7. Why it just keeps "checking disk errors"?? the hdd itself is ok (basically brand new). Windows 7 then no longer boots and I have to reinstall it.
  6. I forgot You can add Fall guys. They officially state Windows 10, but it runs fine on Vista (with extended kernel) to 8.1 (including 7,8.0) just fine.
  7. OMG the game actually launches! But they are some errors that prevent me from playing. https://prnt.sc/v1oa2l
  8. Oh ok. Cause It is running perfectly fine on windows 8.1
  9. Little update. I've tried local redirection with Windows 7 Direct X files. In short nothing has changed. Windows 8.0 does not work either. New COD black ops game launched as an open beta and it does not work too. The D3D12.dll edited by @win32 does work in windows 7, but does not in Windows 8.1. I'm losing all hope and at the same time I'm really angry. The new COD actually crashes with error message (mind you it is not a Windows error report) https://prnt.sc/v1f39i If anybody has some idea hit me up
  10. OFFTOPIC: Since I'm not a native english speaker. Could you please explain me the word "erred" and why you used it here? Thank you
  11. Windows Update no longer functions in NON-SHA2 operating systems. You need to manually obtain these updates from repository. I'm pretty sure that someone on MSFN did archive them.
  12. You should have updated your copy of Vista to up until its EOL (2017). Though this is easier said than done.
  13. It will be bad. (My own experience). Desktop works, but that's it.
  14. They did introduce a desktop client, but it does work even without your kernel.
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