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  1. Hi to all. Why in the tests under, the previous version of NM28 it reports 28.9 and this Build one that should be 28.10 is instead only 28? https://www.whatsmybrowser.org/ https://www.whatismybrowser.com/
  2. It's compatible. I ran tests and MBAE blocked the same exploits as in previous versions: P.S. I don't use Opera browser, I renamed the HPA tests Opera.exe
  3. The latest build of Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit adds 2 protections that can be activated in settings. New protection against penetration testing attacks. New protection against malicious email attachments in outlook. Available here: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/205865-malwarebytes-anti-exploit-113-build-186-released-may-19-2020/
  4. FranceBB wrote: Presumably I.E.9 x86 on Windows Server 2008. What is the version number of jscript.dll after applying the patch? Have other files of I.E.8 also been updated by the patch?
  5. @Dibya Hi, The image where you wrote "My patch in action" cannot be enlarged. Could you insert an image with this possibility? Thanks.
  6. @Dibya Personally, I wouldn't worry too much. P.S. Sorry, but I really have to disconnect, otherwise I divorce my wife...............
  7. Go Dibya. Has anyone applied both patches, or even a single patch?
  8. Out Potplayer v.200513 - 1.7.21212 (May 13, 2020) http://potplayer.daum.net/?lang=en
  9. Out Adobe Flash Player v. As always, you can save the Flash file for installation. I personally have a habit of deleting the previous installation through the correct Flash Uninstaller:
  10. @genieautravail Thanks, if i need it i will contact you. P.S.Why don't you use the latest build?
  11. We need to compare the free version. Why would it be better? Use less RAM? This aspect would be very interesting for me. 4 accounts: P.S. Even if only for 30 days, I don't trust the partnership with WOT at all......... P.S.1 I did a quick test, with 0 accounts PopPeeper consumes more RAM than PopMan.
  12. I had to replace the usual email checker. I prefer light and portable software. I opted for PopMan: https://portableapps.com/apps/internet/popman_portable Available in multiple languages. In the enabled options, "Launch PopMan at Windows startup" to have the software available as an icon in the system tray. Now,you just have to enter your accounts.
  13. Disable the WebClient service = Works on all systems but won't mitigate the issue if you open a document with the vulnerable font class. DisableATMFD registry key manually = Only works on older (before Windows 10) but completely mitigates the issue though can introduce usability issues in rare cases. 1) Yes. 2) I leave this question to who is more competent than me.
  14. The 3D to which I refer is written and therefore it is evident in the second post of this same 3D.
  15. Those who have pop-up problems with the latest CCleaner build for Windows XP must add the following rule to the Host file:
  16. I don't understand why you didn't follow the easy way recommended by Microsoft. You can apply 2 Workarounds without having any problems, I personally have applied: 1) Disable the WebClient service. 2) DisableATMFD registry key manually. I also applied my other 2 personal mitigations listed in the specific 3D. So in total 4, and I have no problem.
  17. @XPHomeSP3 Mitjia has no interest in developing micro-patches for windows XP because it would not have a monetary return for the energies dedicated to this OS. Instead with Win.7 it is different because it is still used in companies. For CVE-2020-0938, CVE-2020-1020 vulnerabilities, the Microsoft recommended mitigations can be used. I personally use 2 mitigations without problems in addition I added 2 other personal mitigations that I mentioned in the dedicated 3D. For the CVE-2020-0674 vulnerability I adopted the strategy of blocking I.E.8 through an NVT OSArmor rule, more info in the dedicated 3D.
  18. No, it's not worth it. All vulnerabilities that interest you in 2020 have an Exploitability Index Works = 2 Additionally, none of these vulnerabilities are exploited. It could be interesting if 0-Patch also addressed for Win.XP OS with the resolution of the following vulnerabilities: CVE-2020-0938,CVE-2020-1020,CVE-2020-0674.
  19. Hi,did you perform a code fix or a rename of ATMFD.dll?
  20. In the absence of a Microsoft patch,other solutions may be considered. Mitja Kolsek and Didier Stevens also agree that: A 0-days vulnerability can be patched, not only by correcting the code, but by protecting the attack target (in the cases mentioned above 2 dll) of a possible remote exploit.
  21. An interesting zero impact software for our Windows XP that can resolve the vulnerabilities 0-days in the absence of Microsoft updates: https://excubits.com/content/en/products_bouncer.html The vulnerabilities to be solved would be these: https://msfn.org/board/topic/181242-cve-2020-0674-and-ie8/ https://msfn.org/board/topic/181352-microsoft-warns-of-hackers-abusing-windows-adobe-library-zero-days/ Example of mitigation of the vulnerability in I.E.8: https://excubits.com/content/en/news.html In the FAQ it is specified: If the software is interesting we could ask for the Windows XP demo version,then write the configuration file. For the next vulnerability, another line should be blacklisted: *>C:\Windows\System32\atmfd.dll In this 3D the configuration files of some users: https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/bouncer-previously-tuersteher-light.359127/page-75#post-2910396
  22. Yesterday's Microsoft patch resolved the CVE-2020-0938 and CVE-2020-1020 vulnerabilities for supported OSs. For W.7 there is 0Patch. For OS prior to W.7 only the mitigations described by Microsoft + my personal solutions.
  23. A little late today. Happy Easter, my friend, to you and your family. P.S. We,in Italy,are always locked in the house .....
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