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  1. If OSA latest build is no longer officially supported any problems that are not transmitted to other OS will not be fixed. At the moment I prefer to leave my OSA build 1.4.x installed. I notified the developer about various security issues which were fixed in later builds. If the team of security OSA they didn't detect them, they will probably be present in this latest build as well. Or maybe not, who knows, in the absence of extensive testing that hasn't been run on an OS that is no longer officially supported.
  2. Hi, in the software web page it is written that OSA is installable from Vista: https://www.osarmor.com/download/ Not XP. And in my opinion it is also a mistake as the developer writes that it is installable from Windows 7. I would not want the new build of OSA to still be installable in Windows XP because it drags the software part of the initial versions. To which I have also collaborated for the resolution of many problems. You can also check this in the Wilders thread. I have considerable doubts that Andreas (the developer) has done extensive testing with Windows XP. I'm sending you part of a rather long private conversation in OSA development. If you know Italian you will notice that the developer uses a Windows XP virtual machine. And in many parts of the speech it's not sure that the changes made to the software eliminated the problems in Windows XP: My question is: OSA is installable OK, but will it be fully compatible?
  3. PotPlayer 201021 (1.7.21306.0) Oct 21 2020 is out: http://potplayer.daum.net/?lang=en The rules to insert in the Hosts file inserted by @UCyborg prevent the pop-up. TH.
  4. I tried to install uBlock Origin Legacy latest build in MailNews. It installs but it is not possible to show dashboard. Adblock Latitude is not compatible. No Ad Blocker is available in the extensions of the original project. I tried installing the latest build of uBlock Origin Legacy in Thunderbird 52.9.1 and it works. Has any MSFN member tried installing an Ad Blocker in MailNews?
  5. A script is also available to add to UBO: github.com##+js(remove-attr.js, data-pjax) https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=70&t=25435&start=40
  6. Can also use NM28. My PC has roughly the same hardware. But he has to choose his security configuration very conscientiously Image below NM28 with 5 open tabs:
  7. Added Top500: https://github.com/Kees1958/W3C_annual_most_used_survey_blocklist 216 more rules have virtually no impact on performance. P.S. I also unchecked "Online Malicious URL Blocklist" And removed "Phishing Army List".
  8. I understand your point of view.
  9. It's just a benchmark. Which showed that with a considerable number of network filters performance is always OK. But performance is better with fewer filters. This advantage is especially noticeable in older PCs and OS. Moreover, Manifest v3 with fixed rules at 150000 requires us to resize the lists we use. Especially if we prefer to use the same lists (like me) both in New Moon installed in W.XP and in other OS and Chrome-based browsers.
  10. F**K Github. And I don't install the extension just for that.
  11. I have verified that the rule is also present in the AdGuard Tracking Protection List. So according to Yuki2718 these 3 rules allow you to eliminate the Frogeye list.
  12. Thanks for your testimony. My contribution was very small, the credit goes to our Roytam1. After all, our aim, which unites all MSFN members, is this. Contribute to lend a hand to everyone, according to our possibilities. P.S. My Nick Name (Sampei Nihira) is a tribute to a Japanese manga that takes its name in English: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fisherman_Sanpei Sampei gives me the opportunity to remember my youth at any time. And this memory warms my heart, almost a hug from so many loved ones that at my age I lost forever. Forgive this OT.
  13. To check for a possible regression of the code try to use the build I used after applying the patch: https://o.rths.ml/boc-uxp/mailnews.win32-20200905-cbe6b975-uxp-6b3ef7160-xpmod.7z
  14. Have you set NM28 as your default browser? The hypotheses are 2: a) Regression of the code. b) Something wrong with you OAuth2 authentication procedure. P.S. If I remember correctly, after Thunderbird 60 another patch was needed for AOL accounts. This (fleeting) memory of mine should first be verified. Then if it's okay to find the patch code and then check if you can add it to MailNews. I have verified. Thunderbird 60.9.1 - Fixed problem with Google authentication OAuth2. (But this bug doesn't affect MailNew because I did a OAuth2 Gmail authentication without problems). Thunderbird 68.5.0 - Added support Oauth 2.0 for POP3 accounts.
  15. I changed the app on my Android smartphone. I have switched GMail with Blue Mail.
  16. From the problem you describe I would not want AOL Mail to suffer from Yahoo's problems as well: https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/commit/056e62198ae1fe3ab4286e775adc8caaa3b39afa Try using your browser to login to your AOL account and if that doesn't work, change SSUAO. P.S. What is your default browser?
  17. I put this rule in UBO Legacy, but found it is not used: I found that in UBO for Chrome it is regularly used with the same filter lists. ***** More info for the rule at the thread below: https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/ublock-a-lean-and-fast-blocker.365273/page-196 My current lists: Is there any MSFN member who can deactivate Easyprivacy list and check if the rule is regularly used? TH. ***** = Rules entered in "My Filters" are handled differently with UBO Legacy in NM28 than with UBO for Chrome. In UBO Legacy the rule in "My Filters" prevails over the rules of the other lists.
  18. You are right it would be correct to open a separate discussion. It will be my last speech here Sorry, for soiling the thread. ______________________________________ The best explanation of the difference between and is an article in Italian (Salutoni Michele): https://www.ilsoftware.it/articoli.asp?tag=Modificare-il-file-HOSTS-e-bloccare-le-app-che-chiamano-casa_12610
  19. @UCyborg The latest Potplayer build is 1.7.21295.0. ____________________________________ Now I just put the last four rules in the Hosts file. Do not work. Tomorrow I will try to add the first two rules. P.S. I changed with because it is better.
  20. Try to block Daum. But in this case you will not be able to update when a new build is available. http://www.daum.net/ p.s. In my case, blocking Dreamline.co.kr would have no effect:
  21. Unfortunately I can't see the pop-up. If I'm not mistaken there are 3 connections. 2 to port 443 and 1 to port 80. Daum and Dreamline.co.kr
  22. It seems to me that with the block in the Hosts file of Potplayermini.exe the problem is solved. But my test didn't last long and I'm not sure. PotplayerMini.exe
  23. Have you tried blocking the pop-up with the Hosts file? https://potplayer.daum.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=21130&start=20
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