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  1. Personally I would like to do this too if possible? did you find out if that registry tweak works?
  2. dirtyharry1971

    ATI control panel Autoit script?

    Got it working thanx guys
  3. dirtyharry1971

    ATI control panel Autoit script?

    I know there are several ways to automate the ati control panels installation that have been documented on this forum. I have searched but cannot find an autoit script to do the same thing. I can get it to start the installation but once the wizard starts there are 2 windows with the same title and the send keys function won't work. I am not at home right now so cannot post specifics - just wondering if anyone can help. Pls don't refer me to the other methods. I want to use autoit to do it I'm sure it's possible.
  4. dirtyharry1971

    Removing unwanted links from Start > All Programs

    Ive been cleaning up my start menu using this method the only problems I had where alcohol as the .lnk file had the % symbol in it fixed it by using alcoho~1.lnk but am having a problem moving the 7-zip link to another folder in the start menu. I'm pretty sure the problem is being caused by the - symbol but have not been able to find a workaround I'm sure its something easy like putting a \ in or something. Please help......
  5. dirtyharry1971

    unattended install help

    Basically I'm modifying an OEM disk for a friend so that they effectively have a fully automated recovery disk that they can use rather than loading all their software seperately the way their pc vendor wanted. It saves me having to fix their pc all the time too (they are not pc literate). So far it all works fine I have one problem though for some reason i cannot get the setup to auimatically create the users profile and autologon. I have tried both methods from the unattended CD\DVD guide and I keep getting prompted to create the users. The OOBEINFO.INI method won't work at all and the only thing that seems to work on the NET USER Method is that the password I specified. I suppose this isn't a big issue but is a pain as the user has to do this before the 3rd party software installs. Basically it is interupting the autimated install. I know I could use the autologon as admin in nlite option but don't really want to do this. Can anyone help. Also (I know this should be posted as another thread but hey) Does anyone know of any programs that can automate dun setup for a standard dial up connection. I can set up the connection myself manually but would like to integrade my local ISPs connection in (without using their dial up manager crap)