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  1. Dang it, it's happening to me now too, using v6.2. This is line 101 though. I click OK to continue, and WPI completes as it should just fine. Once the system is installed, running wpi.hta produces the same error. I have several themes etc integrated via nLite, so possibly one of these is causing the problem. How did you determie that the OCgen INF registration was aborting ? Basically I'm looking for pointers to debug the situation here ... Thanks - D -
  2. I can't get this sucker to work. What's odd is that it did work, some time ago. Somewhere during uacd updates something changed and broke it. I'm not sure when, since I didn't check on it due to the fact that it HAD been working. It's only the other day I noticed that Nero wasn't there in a VMWare test install. Any ideas ? D.
  3. This seems to be an odd problem installing Nero v7.6.9.0 Lite. My entry for RunOnceEx looks like this : if exist "%DIR%\Nero7960_eng_lite.exe" ( REG ADD %KEY%\%NUM% /V 15 /D "%DIR%\Nero7960_eng_lite.exe /GROUP=\"DVD\\Nero 7\" /TASKS=\"!DesktopIcon\" /SILENT /LANG=\"English\" /COMPONENTS=\"Nero_Core,Nero_Core\\Nero_MauSau,Nero_Core\\Nero_VideoCD,nero_toolkit,Nero_CoverDesigner,Nero_WaveEditor\" /SERIAL=\"SerialSerialSerialSerialSerial\" /USER=\"Firstname Lastname\"" /f REG ADD %KEY%\%NUM% /V 16 /D "%DIR%\LS_HSI.exe /QB" /f ) %KEY% is set to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx %NUM% is set to 228 %DIR% is set to the source dir on the UACD - that's D:\APPS\DVDAPPS The install appears to start, but winds up creating a normal file in Program Files rather than an install dir, so the install silently fails. I can manually run the install from a CMD shell with D:\APPS\DVDAPPS\Nero7960_eng_lite.exe /GROUP=\"DVD\\Nero 7\" /TASKS=\"!DesktopIcon\" /SILENT /LANG=\"English\" /COMPONENTS=\"Nero_Core,Nero_Core\\Nero_MauSau,Nero_Core\\Nero_VideoCD,nero_toolkit,Nero_CoverDesigner,Nero_WaveEditor\" /SERIAL=\"SerialSerialSerialSerialSerial\" /USER=\"Firstname Lastname\" and it will install just fine. Well, I have to del the Nero file in Program Files first. I've also tested it with a clean setup, just running the install command above - works fine. So it seems to complain being run from RunOnceEx. Actually, being run from Run, RunOnce or RunOnceEx. Any ideas ? D. --edit - messed up definitions of variables above. Fixed.
  4. Has anyone been able to install ActiveTcl silently ? None of the typical silent install parameters seem to work, and it uses some bizarre installer that doesn't seem to expose the controls for scripting. http://www.activestate.com/Products/ActiveTcl/ For example, the Next button doesn't have a keyboard shortcut, nor does it seem to have a ControlID or any text visible on it. Plus, the actual window title in the window bar disagrees with the window title reported by the AutoIt Info utility ... Actual text in title bar is ActiveState ActiveTcl Installer Reported title in Info is ActiveState Active Tcl Installer - note the space between Active and Tcl. The only hook available to the Next button is the ClassNameNN, which is TkChild3. Here's the code I'm using in AutoIT ... ; First screen - Startup $ret = 0 while $ret == 0 $ret = WinWaitActive ( "ActiveState Active", "", 5 ) if $ret == 0 then WinActivate ( "ActiveState Active" ) wend ; Click Next ControlClick ( "ActiveState Active", "", "TkChild3" ) The script just falls right through. The ControlClick operations seem to just vanish. Any ideas ? DC.
  5. Bonjour Delprat - My install process forces a format of the install partition, so there shouldn't be any residual profiles sitting around. I redid my O&O CleverCache installer, and that messes with the Administrator profile location. The problem shows up for a later app that can't find the right location because it's now Adminstrator.XP-PRO. Perhaps that's it. I'm building a clean install now, sans Clevercache. XP Pro Corp with SP2 nLite to reduce Bashrat for drivers RVM Integrator for update pack and many addon packs All my apps stripped except for a couple Will post more details as I know them, and as I have time. (Hah, time !) DC>
  6. When did it start happening for you ? Have you applied the Ryan 2.1.3 update pack ? DC.
  7. OK - just ran another test. Clean XP Pro Corp source with SP2 ... 1) nLite to reduce 2) Bashrat drivers 3) RVM Integrator 4) Copy my own $OEM$ stuff and apps Still does the same thing - creates and uses a Administrator.XP-PRO profile directory in c:\documents and settings. There is also the expected plain old Administrator profile dir there too, but it only has an Application Data directory in it. WTF ? Next steps - back all the way out to find at which step the change is introduced. The mains things I had changed were upgrading to Ryan's 2.1.3 Update pack, adding a few more addons via RVM_Integrator and a couple of my own apps. DC.
  8. OK, this is bizarre. My install image has a ton of software on it that has been installing rock solid now for a long time, many many images worth. I recently integrated the new Ryan 2.1.3 update pack with the new hotfixes, and am now seeing a strange change in the installation. The winnt.sif gives the installed system a name, XP-PRO. During install, the installation process seems to create the following user profiles during installation ... Administrator Administrator.XP-PRO All Users Most stuff as it's installed used to go into the Administrator profile - my scripts would move/copy stuff around as needed, usually to All Users. Now it seems to be installing to the Administrator.XP-PRO profile, so all the scripts are failing of course. I don't know where this came from - last week the installs all went just fine. Yesterday they started failing, and I've tracked it down to this new profile. All the references to things installed in %systemdrive%\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Start Menu now fail. Anyone know what's going on ? I can change the scripts no problem, but I'm wondering if there's some setting or something that I've missed. DC.
  9. RogueSpear's stuff is now at http://www.doitrightconsulting.net/forum/index.php DC. Ralin, I wonder, does he wear Rouge ?
  10. I see a small problem with using VMWare for testing of UACDs ... For whatever reason, the audio driver doesn't get installed correctly - under Device Manager the Multimedia Audio Controller has a yellow X next to it. Going into Properties for that and click on "Reinstall driver" works - it goes through it's thing, redoes the drivers, and then audio works fine in that virtual machine. This is on an XP Pro Corp image, nLite applied to pare it down, latest Bashrat drivers then RVM to add a bunch of addons. So, does anyone else see this ? And does anyone have any idea about how to trigger a "reinstall driver" action without going through the whole gui ? D.
  11. Davs DruidDK - Are you actually booting from the USB pendrive ? If so, how are you starting the install ? Tak - D.
  12. I unpack it first, then pack into a 7zip archive. My RunOnceEx.cmd scripts install it with setup.exe /qn /norestart DRIVER0=MYbus DRIVER1=MYscsi Works fine. D.
  13. Erm, small snag here. I have a small .7z that contains a folder with 4 files in it. I want to extract that to the All Users Desktop ... Just the WebMail extensions for Thunderbird - they won't integrate, since the WebMail.xpi one must be initialized before the others are installed. In any case, the extract doesn't work. Running it manually as C:\>%systemroot%\system32\7za e -o%allusersprofile%\Desktop\ d:\apps2\207.Mozilla\extensions.7z Results in the error Huh ? D.
  14. Lets take the above: If * = F:\Software and contains three subfolders named Program1, Program2, Program3 i.e. F:\Software\Program1, F:\Software\Program2, F:\Software\Program3 then for each directory in F:\Software do ( Program1\installit.cmd Program1 %DIR%Program1 %KEY% Program2\installit.cmd Program2 %DIR%Program2 %KEY% Program3\installit.cmd Program3 %DIR%Program3 %KEY%I'm guessing this is not what you want, so please explain your requirements! That's exactly what I want Each directory has a standard installit.cmd that takes 3 parameters. The directories are numbered, as in 205.Program1, 210.Program2, 215.Program3 and so on. That lets me reorder the installation just by renumbering the directories. For example, for 210.FolderShare, installit.cmd contains : @echo off set NUM=%1 set DIR=%2 set KEY=%3 REG ADD %KEY%\%NUM% /VE /D "FolderShare v2.5.10" /f REG ADD %KEY%\%NUM% /V 1 /D "%DIR%\FolderShareSetup-2.5.10.msi ALLUSERS=2 /qb-" /f %DIR% is set further up in the batchfile to the Apps dir on the CD, which results in two keys being added to RunOnceEx : ....\RunOnceEx\210 -> FolderShare v2.5.10 ....\RunOnceEx\210\1 -> d:\apps\FolderShareSetup-2.5.10.msi ALLUSERS=2 /qb- If there was a finishup.cmd there, it would have looked like this : ....\RunOnceEx\210 -> FolderShare v2.5.10 ....\RunOnceEx\210\1 -> d:\apps\210.FolderShare\FolderShareSetup-2.5.10.msi ALLUSERS=2 /qb- ....\RunOnceEx\210\99 -> d:\apps\210.FolderShare\finishup.cmd Everything works as expected, except for the final statements after the loop. I actually do a reg export there to check things out, but that never got executed, which led me to check more, which led to putting in the pause etc, which never gets hit. Hrm ... D.

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