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  1. Why not putting a minimum post AND elapsed time since registration to the board limit to allow access to the Win9x Forums in "write mode"? Something "reasonable" like 3 posts and 7 days since subscription ? Old time members won't have problems, new members will have to wait one week, during which they will have time to post something in here: http://www.msfn.org/board/introduce_yourself-f76.html This should : a. mitigate the intensity of work of the Mods b. allow people REALLY interested in joining the discussions to do so, even if they are "new" c. let "aficionados" continue as if nothing changed d. disincentivate "kids" from gatecrashing the party (usually the time span before an idea simply pops out of the brain of children is a few minutes) jaclaz if this is possible to implement then i am for it, assuming it fixes the issue at hand.
  2. There's a very good reason for this trend. Do you know about web standards? They're standards agreed upon by a wide range of people from all around the world, specifying HTML, CSS, how a web page should be rendered, and other web technologies. When you make a web page, you conform to these standards, and the web browser, in turn, renders your page according to these standards. The idea is that every web browser would show each web page in an almost identical way, instead of having to make separate web pages for each web browser, or, $DEITY forbid, make your web page for only one web browser. Enter IE. As of IE5, IE implements several parts of the standard wrongly, most notably the box model. In IE6, they fixed the box model, and then stalled development for 5 years, which sucked, because it is lacking support for many parts of the CSS and DOM standards, and notable parts of the HTML standard. It also has a lot of rendering bugs. In the meantime, other web browsers have released new versions like hotcakes, and vastly exceeded IE6's web standards support. So much so that these days when you make a new web page that separates content from style, it looks great in every web browser... except IE. A lot of work and many hacks are required just to make it look good in IE without breaking it for the others because of all the bugs in that thing. Do you understand now why IE6 is such a pain in the behind for web developers?! I HATE IE6, I am a web developer
  3. well for those against what some of us have said, i am just for the mods on this. there job is hard enough as it is and they are making it sound like they have to spend a lot of time moderating this forum to the point that it is not worth it, which is why we are asking the question, is it really worth it? hopefully all of the crap that is going on will stop, but we do not want the mods to be annoyed to hell with the forum.
  4. I found it to be a clever title. Welcome to MSFN
  5. from a mod perspective i can see why you want this. there are those who need help with is still but it is a very old OS now and people should learn to leave their comfort zone and upgrade. i would have to say that i am for read only mode.
  6. look at task manager while you are burning, is cpu usage maxed out, is ram maxed out?
  7. you should post this in the vlite subforum
  8. wow this is pathetic. even before the possible answers were given she was freaking out. and this is such an easy question, especially for that amount of money.
  9. you have definitely had too much to drink
  10. he must have data storage somewhere else. he just has the need for speed
  11. be careful, there are some who may bash you for this. but i agree with you that it is a possibility. i just took apart a dead computer and the thermal paste is completely dried and there is very little between then cpu and heatsink, plenty of metal showing.
  12. your bios is from 2007/08/27 the latest is 1901 from 2009/05/13 please update it http://dlsvr04.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/socket...xtreme_1901.zip if that does not fix it then try using another program such as gparted to format it http://gparted.sourceforge.net/ you may also need to update the firmware on your raid card http://www.areca.us/support/download/RaidC...are/ARC1220.zip which 2TB drive do you have? the WD drive is officially supported by areca. so the firmware update may be just what you need.
  13. there is no "migration" in my experience, most drivers worked with xp 64bit and nearly everything works with vista/7 64bit windows update in windows 7 will take care of nearly everything you need, just grab the graphics drivers online
  14. hey, don't you be mocking my cake! happy birthday
  15. ya i recently bought an 8port gigabit dlink switch and use 6 of its ports. but for a home network these "cheap" devices are perfectly fine, the issues are once multiple computers are trying to make file transfers at the same time. the range on my 655 is impressive though for N, i am quite happy with it.
  16. actually you are right, i should ask if he wants gigabit or not. if not then by all means get the 615. i have a file server so i really needed gigabit.
  17. i have the DIR655 and I think it is a grout router. I have not used any other N or gigabit router so I can't be of much help. The DIR615 is not gigabit so i would not suggest it.
  18. I am assuming you are using the RTM since I do not see a watermark? Where did you get it from? I would also have to say a driver issue sadly.
  19. is the vista disc a legal disk? for seven you burnt it yourself. what kind of media did you use and what program did you burn with? also, windows should not be writing stuff to the disk since you can boot off of the disk without having a hdd even in the system.
  20. Yep that is a nice board you have there. I have the normal P6T and it has plenty of great OCing options. I use PCI for my sound card.. but that's it.

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