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  1. Build is RTM from MSDN. cluberti thanks for the build 1855 hint. Used Intel Online Chat support to get a link to Win7 Desktop Capable drivers that included the Mobile4 chipset drivers too. The build 1855 did not fix the issue. I was able to recreate the issue but simply turning on Aero theme again and startig Office 2007 Excel product. Alas, this problem will stick with me for now. BTW - I installed the new driver, restarted the laptop and confirmed that the new driver was active.
  2. Spoke too soon. There is a different issue with redrawing the windows when in Windows 7 Basic theme. See attached image for example.
  3. Seen the problem a few times even with Vista. The problem has become constant since upgrade to Win7. I looked at the Release notes for the driver and there are plenty of issues but nothing that sounds like what I am facing. (graphics driver version ( for the integrated graphics controller of Intel® chipsets for Windows 7 Release Candidate) Release Notes: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/17801/eng/...indows7_gfx.htm The drivers are the latest. The issues happens with Aero ONLY. The *same* problem does not occur with Win7 Basic Theme. See next message for a sample of wh
  4. Win7 with the latest Intel Mobile Express 4 chipset/video drivers running on HP 2730 laptop. In place upgrade from Vista to Win7 Ultimate. Originally, in place upgrade from WinXP OEM to Vista Ultimate. Image and windows have a refresh problem where they get mangled. I have attached samples. This even happens to the background. The problem fixes itself eventually if it is things like buttons or menus. Though, the background does not fix itself until I change the background. The issues is caused sometimes when switching from internal to external display or Resizing the windows - going to/from Fu
  5. Thank you for the excellent feedback and ideas. Based on the last theory, I revisited my laptop history notes. I have 10 laptops in the house so I can forget at times. This specific laptop was not a clean Vista Ultimate install. The history is as follows: - OEM WinXP was installed on HP tc4400 - After 1 yr, in place using Vista Ultimate MSDN - Vista had moved my WinXP default folders under the Vista Documents folder and created shortcuts. Some shortcuts worked and the others did not. I fixed everything up. - After 6 months, added drivers for HP 2730p - Vista image backup to WHS - Vista image t
  6. It might be appropriate to think that I did a clean install by mistake vs. a real upgrade; though, I can assure you that is not the case. I performed the upgrade when Vista was running. The install spent 1.5 hours looking and updating my current files. Lastly, all the previous local computer accounts (non-standard) were preserved and migrated to the Win7. Aside for my account which had the WinXP default folder structure present under the Vista Documents folders, all other accounts were structured as a normal Vista default folder set. There was even music in another accounts Music folder and th
  7. Recovered files from WHS backup, which was done prior to upgrade. Music was definitely deleted (3.45GB worth) during the install. Somebody needs to tell MSFT about this RTM bug. Note: There was no Windows.old folder. Thank you for your help.
  8. Confirmed that the files were deleted. My directory setup with the legacy My Documents folder from WinXP days confused the install process. How do I file a bug against MSFT. This sucks and I am a MSFT Fanboy !!!!
  9. HP 2730p laptop RTM (MSDN download site) Win 7 Ultimate Upgrade from Vista Ultimate, which was originally a clean install Vista Ultimate Documents folder had copy of WinXP user account folders like My Music, etc. Vista Ultimate user account folder has the Music folder. I upgraded and after the upgrade both the original music folders point to non-existant folders and all my music files are deleted, lost or do not know where they are. I believe they were deleted because my drive had more space after the install than it did before the install. Prior to install/upgrade, drive had 16.9GB space. Aft
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