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  1. happened to one of mine, had to go through the process of soldering a new one on and all. so nick, try holding the plug in a different positions to see if u can get it to stay on.
  2. yes i was just about to suggest div tags. you could then have a navigation file and include that into each page.
  3. during installation i think there is an option to install for all users? try reinstalling and seeing if you can select that.
  4. http://webpages.charter.net ?? looking at this site i see no need for frames. you could make things a bit better by getting rid of them.
  5. also look here: http://www.msfn.org/board/bad-sound-win7-64bit-t136284.html
  6. what BSOD error do you get? you also claim that its only when using this ram that you get a BSOD, what else have you tried? is anything overclocked?
  7. its pretty simple, use only one stick at a time.. run memtest overnight. now what exactly do you mean your system BSODs? instantly? or after many hours of using it? what motherboard do you have?
  8. what types of software are you trying to find training for?
  9. yes it supports opengl i do not know what you mean by enabling it. if a game/program uses opengl then it will use it, some programs will let you select opengl or directx. there is no master switch afaik. i have no idea about the quad-buffered stereo.
  10. Maybe I totally misunderstand, but it sounds like Kelly Bundy in "Married with Children" (in Germany: Eine schrecklich nette Familie). one of my favorite tv shows haha!!
  11. ripken204


    lol, they should do the same ads now. then change the code to go from blue to lets say red., lol, no more blue screens, now its a RSOD i think they actually tried that out in early versions of vista too!
  12. Kitaro and i am listening on this: http://listen.grooveshark.com i just found out about it and its pretty awesome
  13. daniel_k makes an x-fi pack as well, i just can't seem to find it at the moment. it must be somewhere on that creative forum.
  14. hmm, nothing at the moment, i recently beat contra 1, contra 2, teenage mutant ninja turtles 2, and zelda: a link to the past
  15. like i said, i look at the partition size. odds are that each of your partitions is not sized exactly the same. and just reading from left to right in disk manager is part0, part1, part2, etc right now my C drive is part1
  16. let's make it real, do you have three partitions? if vista is really on patition0 and partition0 is the active(boot) partition then you should format that during install and then install windows 7 onto partition 0.
  17. i see no point in having it since you can't recover back to vista. personally i would wipe the entire drive, backup all data first.
  18. how many partitions are on this drive? do you have a separate boot partition? and just because it is the c: drive does not make it a windows partition, i usually look at the size of the partition.
  19. transfer rates tend to start out really fast and then drop, so 30-40 i wouldn't be surprised about at all, especially if the source drive is a few years old or more. if it gets down to 5 then there may be a problem, or is it just copying many small files when it hits that speed?
  20. Umm, not the same at all? you posted an audigy driver pack by daniel_k, so did i. the ones i posted also list support for windows 7. can you please tell me how they are "not the same at all"? aside from one being a .iso

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